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Morning all,
Was just wondering what is a good flight but is also realistic into Amsterdam…(must be around 5.30-7)hrs

Check this out for good options. You can get random flights based on parameters you set

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Hey there!

Here is a list of destinations to AMS! This is what I use to plan long hauls!


Flightsfrom is the best website I’ve ever found for IF. I find fpltoif to have very unrealistic routes that people made up which is why I don’t use it.

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Middle East

OMDB-EHAM is the way to go
You can choose between:

KLM 787-10
Emirates A380-800
Emirates 777-300

OTHH-EHAM is also a nice route
For that route the only option for aircraft is:

Qatar Airways 777-300ER


HECA-EHAM is very nice with a bit of Africa and Europe
Aircraft used:

Egyptair 737-800

HKJK-EHAM is quite scenic with the Sahara and savannah and then Europe with the Alps
Aircraft used:

Kenya Airways 787-8

DNMM-EHAM, same as above. Just with a bit of jungle too
Aircraft used:

KLM 777-200

DGAA-EHAM, same as above.
Aircraft used:

KLM 777-200/-300


KJFK-EHAM, a classic!
Aircraft used:


KBOS-EHAM, less classic but same thing
Aircraft used:

a330 (replacement: a350)


I’ve done that route many times, it is great! I’ve only done it on the A380 though.

They use 77w now because of COVID

You could fly from Atlanta or JFK

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Here, made a little database for you😝
Have fun on your flight

This may help!

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FlightRadar24 gives you tons of options

That’s what I look at tbh n go with that call sign n stuff

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