A lil apology

Good morning IFC as I jus arrived @ LFPG and now parked @ the gate I’d like to apologize for any incontinence I may have caused on approach at the time I woke up jus when I was meant to be at fl240 on the star (mind u center was active at the time) so me in my invisible F/O made the decision to make a 360 and look up the chart to see any speed restrictions and etc by the time I finised making the 360 air france 972 I think was his callsign came behind me quicker than expected and by the time I was back on track he was ontop of me ig he realisted the situation and decent to fl200 but while contacting app and getting cleared to decend I noticed I was like 2nm distance from em no matter how many times I tried to slow down and I failed to maintain the realism expert server deserves so for dat @NJ24 if das u and air france 972 if u even on the IFC im sorry for dat bro das on ME…

mistake made from flight crew : Air Canada 870


Ah it fine

says the person at toulose away from lfpg and who never was there
p.s it is night for me


Props to you for admitting to your mistakes, really shows that you’re taking responsibility for your actions, and admitting to your mistakes. I know both how annoying it is when someone messes up the traffic pattern, but I also know how guilty one can feel if they ruin the flight experience for others. I get it, mistakes happen, and forgive you (even though I wasn’t there 😂). You can use this as a learning experience to become a better pilot in the future.


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