A Landing at Capetown

Hey there IFC another time playing solo, here’s A Quick Landing at Cape Town for you Guys. What is the Quick Pic For? A Thumbnail I will probably send the link Friday Hopefully I don’t forget. Last I tried it literally crashed since I was playing Beta

Aircraft:787-9 United

Enjoy the Pic, Cya Later!
(Not Edited, if you want to edit let me know by replying)


Yes, I recommend editing!
Great pic still!

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Thanks I want to learn Motion Blur Gonna see if I can do it and send it here

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Use PsX, which happens to be the best photo editor
I used them for all my recent photos

No that’s not on psx
You’ll have to use Pics Art

Use Psx for the rest

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Yup I know for Picsart Gonna see what I can do Thanks!

Beautiful picture

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Thanks a lot I appreciate it :)

lovely shot well done!!

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Amazing pic! Thanks for the share :D

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Thank You!

No Problem :)

Wing flex

I really like this picture though.

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Thank you I really do love the 787 Now the gear Tilt and wing Flex looks cool

Can’t Wait to Fly this plane again


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Thank You I appreciate it