A Kiwi Air Group Flight! @ NZAA 160400ZSEP19


Welcome to a Group Flight by Kiwi Air!

In this group flight we will be flying from New Zealand’s largest airport to Australia’s largest airport, that’s right Auckland to Sydney! We will be flying this route with the Virgin Australia 738, Qantas 738, or the Air New Zealand A320! We hope to see you join or event.

Event Info:

Server: Training

Departure Airport: NZAA

Arrival Airport: YSSY

Time: 2019-09-16T04:00:00Z

Airlines: Virgin Australia, Qantas, Air New Zealand

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800, and the Airbus A320-200


After you have replied below you will be added to a group chat, please monitor this as much as possible

Flight info including route, altitude, and speed will be put out closer to the time of the event

Maintain 7-10nm of spacing

Kiwi Air Thread


I’ll be there

Sweet, I’ll add you to the group chat

The event starts in 1 hour and 30 minutes, join now before it’s to late!

I’ll come along

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Awesome, I’ll add you to the groupchat

Can I fly the B789 like the real life flight though?

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Or the 77W?

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Of course, you mean the ANZ 789, correct?

That would be allowed, there are a lot of aircraft operated on this route, the others are JetStar A320, the Qantas A330, and the LATAM 789

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Yes. Of course

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Now only 50 minutes until the flight, join us on this amazing adventure!

Are you attending

No, I cannot make it, unfortunately.

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Sorry lads still at work

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I’ll come too! You should make it one airline so it looks cool.

Im online as ATC at NZAA. Is this event still on?

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