A Kings Flight KLAX - GMMN

A private and extravagant flight from Los Angeles to Casablanca, Morocco.
Flight time: 09hr05min
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 747-8 (BBJ Private Livery)

Los Angeles ground.

Take off right wing

Departing LAX

Somewhere over the Midwest United States

Distant approach at Casablanca

Landing at Casablanca

To parking.

Hope you enjoy the pics πŸ˜€


Suprised that you made it that far I can’t get any decent range out of that aircraft how do you do it

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i’ve done around 13hr on the 748… just remember to carry 4 hours extra fuel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Ben usually for a long haul I have to do a couple of passengers with lile 1000kg luggage but no more, as otherwise you definitely wont make it! And always as much fuel as possible you can get up to 12-13 hours, plus its faster by M0.2

So what happened if I dont add passengers or cargo