A justifiable ban (or not)?

I was undergoing a routine ILS approach at RPLL a few minutes ago. When I reached right base, the approach controller had given me a set of instructions for an ILS final, however, I had completely missed out one crucial instruction; that being to follow a certain heading (030), which I had left out on that one part because there were so many threes in that set of instructions (mainly “maintain 3,000ft” being repeated twice) and therefore turned the wrong the wrong way (360). Thus resulting a Level 3 violation. (It was only when I played back the flight that I realised I had made a mistake).

The reason why I am posting this is that I’m a bit conflicted on whether the ban felt right or wrong.

What I mean is that on one hand, I stuffed up an ATC instruction and according to the Violation Guide, this is how you get a Level 3 violation, I deserved it, so on and so forth. However, on the other hand, I felt like the violation was overexaggerated, the approach controller would probably had either just told me to undergo a missed approach or repeat said heading again.

So I just want to know from the community, is the ban something that I should tolerate or not?

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Hello! You can feel free to discuss this with your controller and/or to message @appeals with a replay of your flight so we can judge if the violation was justified or not.


See @Rob_M’s comment. 🙂