A Jeb Brooks flight review from Doha to Manchester

What’s up Jetsetters! I’m Jeb Brooks from greenergrass.com and today I will be flying Economy Class With Qatar Airways on its Boeing 777-300ER from Doha to Manchester, let’s get into it! So we checked in at the airport, was very quick and smooth, security wasn’t really a hassle.

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Server: Expert
Route: DOH-MAN
Aircraft: 777-300ER

Our Aircraft for today, A7-BAC, just came in from a flight from Miami, Florida, now, we’re boarding the aircraft

Our seat today, 35K is an economy window seat, seat is very comfortable, few minutes later, we pushed back and taxied to the runway

Takeoff from Doha with the morning haze!

Flying over the Persian Gulf

Looking out at the Beautiful Iranian Mountains, after that I ate some chicken calamari, it was very good.

We’re now flying over the Black Sea. Time for the loo review so the bathroom is very clean, decent.

Flying over the German countryside, as I drank some Arabic Coffee

Now…, as we approach Manchester, here’s the JebScore. Man! It was an experience, the lounge, since I wasn’t able to get into one, zero stars, service, my goodness! The crew were so kind, willing to help you even if they’re in the middle of something, five stars., the seat, very decent, not too bad, 4 stars, ife, the in flight entertainment was filled with movies and tv shows, five stars, the food, wow! The calamari was just perfect., Qatar Airways never fails to impress, 5 stars, so this leaves Qatar Airways Economy class from Doha to Manchester on the Boeing 777-300ER, with a 19/25 possible stars, and since I wanted to show a photo of one of my fans catching my landing, here it is!

He was walking his dog at the time

Well, this is the final view of our aircraft, we’re now going to go through immigration and catch our flight to Helsinki, coming soon, im Jeb Brooks, see you in the skies.


Hope you guys enjoy this beautiful review

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nice aircraft and nice interior too


Good review, but the pictures were overedited.


second to last looked possibly like MSFS

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You reminded me to do my annual jeb brooks review 😆

Great photos bro!

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Thanks man!

This gave me my route idea for tomorrow 😉
Great shots too! The Qatar 77W is really beautiful

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