A Japanese Journey (KSEA - RJAA)


I’d like to share some pictures I took of my flight with @ng123 from Seattle Tacoma Int’l Airport (KSEA) to Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport (RJAA). The person controlling KSEA when I took off was @texasaviation. And yes, I do mean “I”, because although it was supposed to be a group flight, I woke up an hour late so when we took off we did so at separate times. But, I managed to cover ground over the Pacific and even @ng123 decided to do a holding pattern near Japan so that I could actually catch up. Meanwhile I hope you like my captures!


Server - Expert Server
Aircraft - Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time - 10 hours 07 minutes
Date - 25 August 2020


“Seattle Ground, 6EVA57, ready for pushback”

V1… Rotate…

Goodbye Seattle!

Two things Seattle is famous for. One which moves between two airports frequently and one which erupts occasionally.

Silhouette over the Northern Pacific

That’s Mount Fuji, one of the most iconic things about Japan.

Landing on Runway 16R with @ng123 on final. I buttered BTW, with a vertical speed of -90 fpm.

Thank you for flying with Japan Airlines, and we hope to see you again soon!

And that’s it! I hope you liked them :) If there’s anything you want to tell me or think I should’ve done better, please let me know. Meanwhile thank you so much for going through them!



Awesome shots especially the 4th one!

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mmm warm butter…


Thank you!

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