A.i airplanes


It’s gets lonely in solo mode and not everybody has 5$ on iTunes and I’m only12 so please add a.i airplanes FOR FREE!!! like planes taking off and landing and planes up in the jet stream and military aircraft in military bases please VOTE IF YOU LIKE IT


Good idea! However, it’s called “Solo” for a reason. I think a good idea would be Bluetooth multiplayer or some sort where you can fly with your friends, but only if you’re next to each other (this will be free). It can be limited to only allow 1-2 additional people at the same time. Which may actually be a good idea to test out


Thanks man that’s an even better idea it probably would not be as laggy as infinite flight live because your using the same network good idea


Then people would just dump IF Live and go for the modified solo version.

Getting real sick of these “Make live free” pleas, no matter whether they’re blatantly saying “PLEASE MAKE LIVE FREE” or going around saying that and implying it/making a request that is basically IF Live! Do something to get it the $5-It makes the feeling of purchasing the product much better (Sell stuff at your school, mow lawns, etc.).

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True, but I think Bluetooth would be a better option, and being only limited to 1-2 additional players. This will only allow players to play with each other only if they’re next to each other.


I mean you’re not getting the full rich immersive feel like how LIVE gives you. Bluetooth version may not have all the really cool things like ATC, not to mention group flights, etc. I don’t really think IF will lose revenue, but nobody knows unless it’s put to the test


I’m not interested in getting POd at you now. That could potentially work, but if there is someone out there who has an obsession with eating hair (Don’t ask me how I learned this), then there’s a group of people crazy enough to assemble a group of 3 guys and/or gals, go out to a public park or whatever bluetooth requires, and cheat the system that way.

IF devs put a lot of hard work and money into creating live and maintaining it, and making a way to take advantage of that system is horrible in my opinion. Might as well steal your favorite TV episodes off of an illegal streaming site.

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Not at all Trevor. I understand where you’re coming from, but bluetooth will only work about <10 meters away. Also, the bluetooth limit of players can be come down to just 1 so that you play with only one person. You won’t have anything from live (ATC, XP, etc), its pretty much Solo just that know I can fly with someone else. Also there could be a prerequisite to unlock bluetooth functionality where atleast one person has to have LIVE. This may give people who are on the go a chance to play without a active connection.


Hey I have some stuff for you! Looks like IF has a sense of humor. Don’t be one of those guys that asks for free stuff. Because seriously, do you work for free?


Neat. If at least ONE PERSON involved had purchased the service, then I’m fine with it.

If IF gets absolutely nothing from the service, then you. will. meet. my. wrath.

And maybe Matt’s.


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Just found some more stuff.

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No like basically like Xbox/Playstation for example. It’s free playing with 1 other person, but playing with more will require a active subscription.


@Elijah_Stewart Ask your parents to either hook up a credit card to your account or go to the store and buy and iTunes Gift Card. Those can be easily added.


I wasn’t asking for free stuff just giving ideas to maybe enhance the experience, through problems I have faced b/c I wasn’t able to play with a friend.

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I wasn’t replying to your post, I was replying to the topic as a whole. There shouldn’t be talk of making everything free because, really, it’s not gonna happen…


I know I was just trying to play safe lol. Also what do you think on the idea of bluetooth, and maybe the prerequisite to allow bluetooth?



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ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS HAVE BEEN CRUSHED INTO A MILLION PIECES. TBH bluetooth actually might be a cool functionality, then you don’t need data/ active connection to play


That’s what I was about to say. They thought about this before, and Live was their solution.


Matt actually said that he wants people to only play on WiFi because cellular connection drops more often