A humble request!


I have seen this problem a lot on IFC and also faced it personally. IFC is starting to have a dirty competition. People are starting to defame other comments publicly.

I just want to let you know that this forum is for sharing ideas, doubts and interacting with people of same thoughts. There should not be any dirty race among each other.

It’s my humble request, please stop defaming comments publicly. If you don’t like any comment, just go and PM that person and make him understand the reason. Public defaming is not the right way to show that you have better knowledge. Everyone is same and equal out here and if someone is wrong, they will get better with time and experience.

Peace !


I have not seen to much defaming. A simple way to make them stop
is to flag their post and move on :)


I know @Kamryn. But there are a hell lot of people who don’t understand. Anyways, thanks for advice 😊

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I do agree with points presented, what I’ve been seeing behind the scenes (and in public) is that the forum is going through a rough patch. I’m sure more changes will be made as deemed necessary, the mods and staff are obviously quite busy with a bunch of things at the moment, so…yeah.


True @Thunderbolt. Thanks for understanding. Let’s hope mods and staff make necessary changes :)

And i 100% agree with that!

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I agree.

We just need to flag whatever we find concerning and move on, and make sure we’re doing our best, can’t do much more than that right now.


So true. Once, I created a topic on dangerous airports, and a new user posted saying that airports aren’t dangerous because there are no crashes. When I told him that was a flawed reasoning because not everything dangerous has accidents, he stayed silent. I was about to PM him that public defaming will get him/her hated by everyone on the community, but I am going to let him learn on his own.

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There are many people like him mate ! Flagging their post and moving won’t work. That’s why I created this post so that mods should see it.

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Thank you for doing that. I hope people like him see this topic.


OP has discussed it with moderators via PM. For the record moderators see every flag and is the best way to get our attention to specific topics