A HUGE Thanks To Our Volunteers!

Today is #internationalvolunteerday. To all our moderators, airport editors, IFVARB leaders, and all others, we appreciate each and every one of you. Infinite Flight is built upon community, and when we say we couldn’t do it without you, we really mean it!🥳💫

We’d love to hear all your compliments and/or amusing anecdotes of some of our wonderful community volunteers below!


I must agree, well done to everyone who makes this community what it is! Here’s to another year of great volunteering!


That made my day less depressing :)


Also big thanks to IFATC controllers who take there time to give amazing service to pilots on the expert server


Thank you volunteers. You keep this community and simulator running smoothly.

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I’m looking forward to see that IF becomes better and better! Thanks to all that put efforts in >_^

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Infinite Flight wouldn’t be the same without its community and its community volunteers. Can you imagine Infinite Flight without VAs and VOs? Can you imagine Infinite Flight without ATC? Can you imagine Infinite Flight without airports? Every IFVARB, IFATC and IFAET member; you deserve a lot of appreciation. Infinite Flight wouldn’t be the same without you.

And of course we shan’t forget those who brought us all together: Infinite Flight, well done. It’s been great so far and there’s so much more to come. I’m looking forward to every second of it ❤️


It definitely feels great working within IFATC & IFVARB helping out making strides in helping anyway I can. Truly grateful to be in those organizations.


Hear hear to the awesome volunteers! I’ll give a noot to that! We shouldn’t leave out the people that volunteer their time to create and staff VAs and VOs for the community to enjoy! I am glad to know that we have all of these awesome up and at the ready!


Wow! What a great topic! Volunteers make up so much of what I love in IF. I just need to say a huge thank you to those in IFATC who have improved my life and my experience in IF in drastic ways!

When I came back to IF after a break of about a year, I was still figuring out my place in the IFC. After a rocky past, I wasn’t sure if I’d still be welcomed.

Despite this, I made the effort to join IFATC in hopes of contributing something more to IF.

I was immediately helped by my recruiter @BluePanda900 and my trainer @Luke_M. Both of these individuals volunteered their time to make sure I was the best controller I could be. They helped me through the process, and I felt like a belonged! Luke stayed up until 11 pm and woke up at 6 am to train me due to the time difference. I mean… wow!

When I joined, I was greeted by not only many controllers, but new friends who welcomed me to the team.

I was especially blown away by those individuals who donated their time to IF and IFATC, such as trainers, recruiters, and the role models I met during my initial days there. People were so willing to help me and went out of their ways to make my experience better. I had people giving me feedback, and helping me improve.

As I gathered experience, I contacted @MannyG, who helped me improve my tower skills so I could start radar training.

Once I started, @Chris_Hoover (Who is also a volunteer firefighter), spent hours helping me and teaching me the ropes of approach controlling, and progressed me enough to pass my test! In the midst, I was working with @JoshFly8 (The funniest person on the forums) to continue to improve my skills.

I’ve always loved the sense of teamwork and belonging I have in IFATC, and none of that would even be possible if it wasn’t for the great volunteers that continue to improve IFATC every day.

Thanks to all those who volunteer in the vast Infinite Flight community!


Shout out to all of the DLVA staff team that ive worked with, the CEO’s of the VA’s that volunteer their time that have gone through certification with me, the VARB leaders that i work alongside with, the volunteers that are VARB members that help make our certification process great and to the Mods and crew of the IFC that have been great to work with!


Feels great to fly with such amazing people, could be possible without the VA’s formed by the people in this game, without the mods, developers or other staff, this game wouldn’t be possible and so many people wouldn’t have been brought together.

Thank you to everyone that had made everything here possible!

The Volunteers:


Yes a massive thank you, and season greetings to everybody.


Thank you and good job everyone!


I think we can all agree that the volunteers are what makes IF what it is! From the mod to the ATC, IF would be nowhere near where it is today! The people willing to take time out of their own lives just to make IF and the IFC are just nothing but amazing, and I think many can agree with me as well!

As a volunteer for IFATC and the Airport Editor Member, it’s a great experience! Thank you all!


A big thank you to the AVVA staff (@Jake_Seitz, @samdog27, @Felipe_Schon1, @Micah_Brazil, @MonkeyManofLife, @Infinite_Qantas) for all you do to make AVVA what it is.

Another thank you to @mwe2187 and the IFVARB for helping get AVVA certified.

Thank you to all of the IFATC members for providing IFATC out of their own daily lives.

Thank you to the IFAET for working hard on bringing us top-notch airports.

And last, but certainly not least,

Thank you to all the mods and developers (who aren’t really volunteers because it’s their job) for all you do to keep this community great.