A huge thank you

Lately I have been pushing my comfort zone and become more and more active in ES and I feel that a special group of people need to hear this, I’m talking about our IFATC. In the real world air traffic controllers are know as guardian angels for the 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of lives that are put in their hands to safely guide everyone to their destinations. With that being said I wanted to put out a BIG thank you to the IFATC members who keep our ES skys clear and professional while taking time out of their own days to give their time to create organization within ES and to the trainers who take their own time to train our controllers to give everyone an enjoyable experience. And to the DEVS for their hard work to create the flight sim we know and love, and to our mods who keep our forum fun and friendly while being welcoming and letting new members feel welcomed thank you all.

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That’s very kind and I 100% agree with it


IFATC controller here, thank you for the kind words Tom! I’m glad you have been enjoying your time on the Expert Server and under IFATC control!


IFATC here. Thank you! I recently rejoined IFATC, which was a thought I had had for a while. Messages like this is what confirms that it was the right decision. We strive to give the pilots the best service, and reading this it seems like we’ve accomplished that. I’m happy to hear, that you’ve been enjoying your time, and I hope to see you under my control someday. Happy Flying!


Hi there!

Seasoned IFATC member here. Just like Mason above, I’m really glad you enjoy flying under our control.

Most of the topics on here regarding IFATC are people complaining about being reported under our control, and it lifts my mood whenever I see a topic recognising what we do like yours. Most controllers put a lot of work into preparing for every session, as well as set aside major portions of our lives to control, partially because we enjoy it, and partially because we want to give back to the community in which many of us found a second home.

So once again, I’m glad you enjoy flying on the expert server, and I thank you very much for taking the time of your day to appreciate our work.

See you around :)


Very old IFATC here, and yeah… what the other guys said 😋


Sorry for breaking the mood here but what the hell is an ES?

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ES = Expert Server

Same as how people refer Training Server as TS.


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