A Huge Safety Issue Concerning the 737 MAX Series


Recently, a Lion Air 737 MAX crashing into the sea after departing Jakarta, this lead to the investigation of to why it happened. It has been discovered that incorrect readings from a flight monitoring system may cause the plane to suddenly began a nose dive, this is what investigators believe happened to the Lion Air flight. Boeing will be releasing a warning to all 737 MAX operators about this issue.

Heres a great video by Dj’s Aviation explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-CK8AD_kjM (goes more in depth)
Article from Bloomberg about this issue: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-07/boeing-is-said-close-to-issuing-safety-bulletin-on-737-max-jets

A Lion Air flight (JT610) has crashed into Jakarta Sea shortly after takeoff

Hmmmm! I just came to this from watching DJ’s video! Interesting that this could be a major flaw in the MAX’s design!


Haha, yeah. It is a issue, but as DJ mentioned, airlines will teach pilots how to deal with this problem in the future.


Well thats good! Hopefully this sort of thing won’t happen again or the 737 MAX will defo be in big trouble commercially!


Didn’t DJ say it was something in a computer? I guess if it was that then they could fix it I in all the Max’s I guess. But why are they going to inform all the Max pilots how to deal with the problem, is that just a temporary thing?


Well,This made me nervous to fly china southern from CGK-CAN which usually use the Max…


Oh shoot, what have I done. You’ll be fine :D


Maybe it was, lets hope it is though. Anyways, it is a problem that NEEDS to be fixed ASAP.


No worries,i havent booked the ticket yet… My options are Airasia,scoot,China southern or Garuda…


So according to the article, it’s erroneous angle of attack data? Like what happened to the Qantas A330?


From what I know, its the computers taking information and dealing with it in a wrong way. On the Lion Air flight, the pilots requested to return to the airport due to a speed indicator issue. The autopilot must have interpreted the speed wrong or something and it caused it to nose dive. But it does sound like an issue with all the MAX’s. Again I don’t know a whole lot right now.


Maybe like the Qantas flight, the data for speed and angle of attack got switched?

Hmm they never found out the cause for the data switching…

Isn’t a briefing going on at Jakarta right now?


You know, about the data switching, that might be right. But, this soon, we still don’t exactly know. And yes, I believe a briefing is happening in Jakarta now. Also, if I don’t respond for a while it is due to me sleeping, gotta wake up in six hours! woo D:


Well the 737 MAX with registration PK-LQP suffered some problems during its 4 last flights. The Major problem occured during the flight JT 043 which was operated by PK-LQP. Passengers said that the engine had some loud sounds and the plane started banking left.


How would the passengers tell us that information? And maybe that happened, we don’t know. Investigators are believing the autopilot threw the plane into a very fast and steep dive.


The passenger who said that PK-LQP was banking to the left was in the JT043 they also said that the engine turned of in mid-flight


Can you give the source of this information please.


Its essentially the stick pusher being told the aircraft is going to stall. Yeah its a flaw but there is a million bigger flaws.


What source is there to give? I mentioned DJ’s aviation, and Bloomberg already respectively with their links.


Its in Indonesian, are you sure you want it?