A HUGE Realistic European flyout Vol. 1: Manchester @ EGCC 292100ZFEB20

A Huge Manchester Airport Flyout!!

About this Event: This new event series is a series of flyout events that will occur at Europeans Airports once every month or two. The first event is getting held at Manchester airport in the UK. I try to make those events as realistic, organized and professional as possible. I do not do them on the training server because those events could be a mess if almost all of the airport is full. If the event is covered by IFATC, it would be great, but if not, please use UNICOM wisely.

I decided to make this kind of event because I saw that all of you are very interested in them and my EGLL and KJFK flyouts were also very successful.

About the airport:

Airport Diagram:

Event important information:

–> Server: Expert Server
–> Region: Manchester, UK
–> Airport: EGCC - Manchester
–> Time: 2020-02-29T21:00:00Z


–> Please remain professional at all time
–> Spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before the event
–> If there is a route you would like to fly but that’s not already written, you can ask me and may add it.

To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below or else I won’t take it into consideration. Thank you.

(Aircraft) (Airline) (Callsign) (Route)

Please make sure to choose realistic routes and aircraft


Terminal 1

Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Austrian Airlines
Etihad Airways
Iraqi Airways
TAP Air Portugal
Turkish Airlines

Terminal 2

Brussels Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Delta Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Oman Air
Pakistan International Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Singapore Airlines
TUI Airways
United Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

Terminal 3

Air Baltic
American Airlines
British Airways

Cargo Gates

China Cargo Airlines
UPS Air Cargo


Terminal 1

Terminal 1

Gate Gate Type Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 1-01 Narrowbody
Gate 1-02 Narrowbody
Gate 1-04 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @Kuba_Jaroszczyk (EIVA006)
Gate 1-05 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @Ryan_Gibb (EIVA104)
Gate 1-06 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @Gary_Crinnion (EIVA002)
Gate 1-07 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @twig
Gate 1-08 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @AviatorJack (EIVA009)
Gate 1-09 Narrowbody A320 Aer Lingus EIDW @Marc_Gallagher (EIVA119)
Gate 1-10 Narrowbody A320 TAP Portugal LPPR @David_rodrigues (TP1311)
Gate 1-11 Narrowbody
Gate 1-12 Widebody
Gate 1-15 Narrowbody
Gate 1-16 Narrowbody
Gate 1-17 Narrowbody
Gate 1-18 Narrowbody
Gate 1-21 Narrowbody
Gate 1-22 Narrowbody
Gate 1-23 Widebody
Gate 1-24 Narrowbody
Gate 1-25 Narrowbody
Gate 1-26 Narrowbody
Gate 1-27 Widebody
Gate 1-28 Narrowbody
Gate 1-29 Narrowbody
Gate 1-30 Narrowbody
Gate 1-31 Widebody
Gate 1-32 Widebody
Remote 61L Narrowbody 737-800 Jet2. com LSGG @thkmass (LS817)
Remote 61R Narrowbody A320 EasyJet LOWI @harryclark2003
Remote 62L Narrowbody
Remote 62R Narrowbody 737-800 Jet2. com LBSF @AviatorNikola (Jet2 2121)
Remote 63L Narrowbody
Remote 63R Narrowbody
Remote 64 Widebody
Remote 100 CRJ ONLY
Remote 101 CRJ ONLY
Terminal 2

Terminal 2

Gate Gate Type Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 2-202 Widebody A359 Qatar Airways OTHH @CaptainClark (L1AM)
Gate 2-204 Widebody A359 Singapore Airlines WSSS @Logan_Lee
Gate 2-206 Widebody A359 Singapore Airlines KIAH @Pingu (SQ52)
Gate 2-208 Widebody A359 Cathay Pacific VHHH @Kyle107 (CX216)
Gate 2-210 Widebody 787-8 TUI VTSP @Rogi81_PL (BY136)
Gate 2-212 Widebody 787-8 TUI MMUN @Dreadjack888 (BY154)
Gate 2-214 Widebody
Gate 2-215 Narrowbody A319 Brussels Airlines EBBR @Captain_George_IF (BEL001VA)
Gate 2-216 Widebody 787 TUI VTSP @Charlieab29
Gate 2-217 Narrowbody
Gate 2-218 Narrowbody
Gate 2-219 Widebody
Gate 2-231 Narrowbody
Gate 2-233 Narrowbody
Gate 2-235 Narrowbody
Gate 2-237 Narrowbody
Gate 2-239 Narrowbody
Gate 2-241 Narrowbody
Gate 2-243 Narrowbody
Gate 2-247 Narrowbody
Gate 2-249 Narrowbody
Remote 72L Narrowbody
Remote 72R Narrowbody
Remote 73L Narrowbody
Remote 73R Narrowbody
Remote 74L Narrowbody
Remote 74R Narrowbody
Remote 80 Widebody
Remote 81 Widebody
Remote 82 Widebody
Remote 83 Widebody
Remote 84 Widebody
Remote 85 Widebody
Remote 86 Widebody
Terminal 3 (7 GATES LEFT!)

Terminal 3

Gate Gate Type Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Gate 3-41 Narrowbody E190 British Airways EGLC @BadPlane (BA7311)
Gate 3-42 Narrowbody A320 British Airways EGLL @Alexian61 (BAVA366)
Gate 3-43 Narrowbody DH8D FlyBe EGTE @CO99 (G-CO99)
Gate 3-44 Widebody 787-9 British Airways KLAX @Aviation377
Gate 3-47 Narrowbody DH8D Flybe EGNS @JayIOM (BEJay)
Gate 3-48 Narrowbody A320 British Airways EGLL @James_Digby (N150FD)
Gate 3-49 Narrowbody DH8D Air Baltic EVRA @Airbalticcommunity
Gate 3-50 Narrowbody DH8D FlyBe EGJJ @JerseyAnt (453)
Gate 3-51 Narrowbody
Gate 3-52 Narrowbody
Gate 3-53 Narrowbody
Gate 3-54 Narrowbody
Gate 3-55 Widebody
Gate 3-56 Narrowbody
Gate 3-57 Narrowbody
Gate 3-58 Narrowbody
Cargo Gates

Cargo Gates

Gate Gate Type Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Cargo 66 Widebody
Cargo 67 Widebody
Cargo 68 Widebody
Cargo 69 Widebody
Cargo 70 Widebody
Cargo 71 Widebody


EasyJet Virtual:


  • EDDM
  • LOWW
  • EIDW
  • EDDF
  • LGAV
  • LSZH
  • EGLL

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Hello, can I have a BA E190 to EGLC as BA7311?

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Hey, Can I have BA A320 to EGLL please?

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@BadPlane @Alexian61 You guys are signed up! Thank you for signing up


Nicely presented! Can I take the following please;

DH8D Flybe, Callsign G-CO99, EGCC to EGTE


@CO99 Thank you for signing up! I assigned you to gate 3-43

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I forgot to add the callsign. I am sorry. My callsign will be BAVA366

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No worries, I added your callsign

Hiya, can I have LS817 (Jet2.com) 737, EGCC to LSGG, thanks!

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@thkmass you’re registered! Glad you’re participating!

A319 - Brussels Airlines - BEL001VA - EGCC-EBBR
Thank you! :)

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@Captain_George_IF Your gate is 2-15, thanks for signing up!

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Be delighted to attend!
Flybe Dash8, destination EGNS.

Call sign BEJay

Can I get a gate for QR27 A359

Callsign L1AM

@JayIOM @CaptainClark I added you both to the event! Thank you for signing up!

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Hello can I get a get for a BA A320 flight to Oslo
Call sign is :Speedbird 873

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Hello, I am trying to do this event as realistic as possible, and I am afraid that BA doesn’t fly to Oslo from Manchester yet. BA flies to London airports and if you want to fly to Oslo, Ryanair, Norwegian, and SAS offer direct flights to the destination.


@Georges180305 btw I’m going to fly the A359

It’s no problem at all

Thank you :)