A Huge Flyout event in Los Angeles on the expert server sponsored by 2 VAs! (IN 7 DAYS!) (89 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


Gate 23 Terminal 2 westjet 737-800 to Vancouver callsign WJVACEO


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Terminal 6
Gate 68 B
Alaska Airlines 737 9


Aircraft: 747-400
Airline: KLM
Callsign: KL602


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Can I grab a Delta gate to KSFO? Merci beaucoup. Callsign: DLVA22


Okay but what aircraft?


738 please.


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Can I switch to terminal 6 gate 69A same route but callsign ASVA092 thanks!


Gate request: Terminal 6, 69A
Aircraft: A320
Airline: Alaska
Callsign: AAV0923


Gate: South cargo pad 6
Aircraft: 747-8
Airline: Atlas Air
Callsign: Giant 783 Heavy
Notes: Moving the aircraft for a flight to EGLL


I added some extra gates for southwest and Alaska Airlines!


@samdog27 So Alaska Airlines? And in what aircraft?


I’ll take T2, G25. Delta 4739 to KSFO, B757-200


Ill take a gate, Alaska 737 to Portland PDX


Gate: Any Terminal 6 Gate (or Alaska Airlines Gate)
Aircraft: 737-9 (More to Love)
Airline: Alaska Virtual/Alaska Airlines
Callsign: ASVA004
Notes: ASVA HR (Human Resources)


Any southwest gate if one opens up, but if not, I’ll take gate 214 at the West remote. Southwest 737-800. Route is TBD


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@samdog27 Roger that!


@Georges180305 I will not be able to attend the vent as I have things like a soccer tournament this weekend sorry