A Huge Flyout event in Los Angeles on the expert server sponsored by 2 VAs! (IN 7 DAYS!) (89 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


@DEN_Airport Roger that!
@Zach007 @Rockydawg_42 I added you to the event! Thank you for participating!


Hi thanks for adding me but can I change me airline aircraft and call sign I realized that I don’t want to fly the 747-8 and would like to fly the triple 7 cargo so can I change my aircraft to Boeing 777-200f China southern cargo please and thank you I will remain at the same gate imperial cargo 02.


My call sign will be China southern cargo 314 heavy




@Zach007 I changed it for you.


I need to Change 737-700 to KDEN callsign Southwest 3502


Thanks @Georges180305


Sorry I can’t make it tomorrow 😕


It’s not tomorrow?


Gate: Terminal 8 - Any Gate

Airline: United

Aircraft: 737/8

Destination: KSFO

Callsign: United 571


It’s on the 23rd of Feb.


@zand3r I added you to the event but you will also have to choose a destination. Thank you for participating!


My apologies @Georges180305 I meant to type SFO not sure why I put LAX in my destination. I edited my post to reflect it clearly.


TBIT 154 BA A380 or BA 789 or BA 773 (Undecided)


Oh whoops 😂 I should be good then


@zand3r No worries, I changed it.
@A320fan I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!


@Rockydawg_42 Great then! I’ll see you there!


Make sure to grab a gate before it’s too late!


Airline: Qatar Airways
Callsign:Qatari 740


@United_1154 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!