A Huge Flyout event in Los Angeles on the expert server sponsored by 2 VAs! (IN 7 DAYS!) (89 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


KLAX-KLAS SWA192 at Gate 13 please :)


@Kevinsoto1502 I added you to the event!
@GlobalFlyer1 Roger that!


gate 15 please will be in an airtran as if the merger had just happened.


May I take Gate 17A to KOAK in a 737-800, callsign: SWA76, please?


I will take 17A for southwest on a 738. My routes is TBD


Terminal 5 Gate 55 for Delta 737-900. My routes TBA


@Tharealjaay I added you to gate 21B.
@MJL_Productions I added you to the event at gate 17B.
@ClarenceTheAvgeek @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 I added you to the event!


Can i have a gate




Im SWA1799 btw and I will fly to KELP El Paso Texas


I want to take an SWA gate to KSJC (B737) please. My callsign will be SWA429. Thank you.


I can you sign me up please?
Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: A321
Callsign: American 899
Gate: 40


SWA810 gate ksjc


@Stevensair @ItzEhs @Bacsek_Balint I added you to the event!


Roger! I did!




Thank you !


@Stevensair @ItzEhs No Problem!


WOW! We have already reached 25 attendants 6 days! Let’s hope that this event will be a very huge one with lots of attendants at the very famous KLAX!


The event is in one month! Grab a gate before it’s too late!