A Huge Flyout Event in Los Angeles on the Expert Server Sponsored by 2 VAs! (CLOSED!) (101 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


I’m set as TBD right now. I’ll take KLAX-KDEN


@TomJohnson I added your destination! Thank you for informing me!


Make sure to grab a gate before it’s too late. The event is in 18 days and 3 terminals are already full!


Gate 76
UAL 737-900


@CameronH21 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!


Please @Georges180305 can you change my flight EYV185 to 77W instead of 78X. I’ve just seen on the Etihad crew centre, that the route is flown by a 77W. Thanks


@Georges180305 did you miss this? I just wanted to change. No worries.:-)


Could I change my destination to KJFK?


Sign me up for:

TBIT Gate 135
Air New Zealand 19
777-300ER (Don’t know if I can use a DC-10 since the 77W might be too large)


@Lucas_Piedra I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!
@Dylan_M I changed it! Thank you for informing me!
@JeromeJ Oops, sorry I didn’t see it. It’s now changed!
@Abel_Kocsis It is done!


Destination KDEN please :-)


@JeromeJ Sorry for that. I just changed it?


Im very exited for this event!


@Dylan_M I also am really excited for this event! It’s probably my most successful event!


Can you switch me to gate 216 to KPDX 737-900


@TaterToT3565 I changed it for you!


Just giving this event a small bump!


So this event will be at 1700Z time?


@sehevu Yes it is.


The event is 2 weeks away!