A Huge Flyout Event in Los Angeles on the Expert Server Sponsored by 2 VAs! (CLOSED!) (101 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


I’ll take a gate delta to Austin


This event looks like the real deal. 82 attendants, I mean, that’s insane!


Srry can’t make this event cuz I wil be flying to oz


@QFA_12 No worries! You could participate to my next events.


Hello there,
I’d love to take part on this event. I’ll take the last gate 130 at LAX. I will be LOT Polish Airlines B787-8 bound to Warsaw. Callsign : LOT 24.


@Georges180305 Im sorry but im pulling out of the event due to something that cropped up. Thanks


@IconicUndead230 No worries!
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!


Thank you so much! Can’t wait! :)


Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Airline: delta
Callsign: delta 611
Gate: terminal 3 gate 35


I will be DAL2732 A321 LAX-SLC and would like a T3 gate


@Delta5283 @Albert_a01 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!


Aircraft: ERJ 175
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Callsign: ASVA113
Route: KLAX - KDAL
Gate: Terminal 7 Gate 71A


@MIGVISION I gave you gate 218 view that T7 is only for United. Thank you for signing up!


Actually turns out that I might be able to make the flight cuz we had to cancel are trip


Can you change my destination to KDEN


I would come, but it’s at 9 am on a Saturday for people that live in the LA region, when people sleep in, or at soccer games/ baseball games, so that’s kind of ironic. Plus I’m more of a KSNA fan myself.


I’ll take gate 77 in terminal 7, United 787-10 KLAX - KEWR thanks!
Call sign will be United 45


42A American 737-800 to KSAT (San Antonio) Callsign: American 400.Please note i have a 50% chance of going because I may or may not be able to renew my subscription


Can I have Gate 74 terminal 7 UA B78X
Callsign: United 2418 heavy
See ya there!


Guys I have good news: We will get ATC on this event!