A Huge Flyout Event in Los Angeles on the Expert Server Sponsored by 2 VAs! (CLOSED!) (101 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19


Event is in 2 weeks!!


Change callsign to my new VA’s, TFC-023


May I have gate 217?
Southwest Airlines


Can I have a gate to Istanbul
LTBA plz
TK10 is callsign


I’ll take terminal 3, Gate 32

• Airline- Delta Airlines
• Aircraft type- Boeing 737-8
• Callsign- Delta 1210
• Route- KLAX to MMGL


@Zakayhb @Airbus_737 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!
@BadPlane Roger!
@Swiftlings_17 What airline and aircraft?


Gate 134//KLAX-RJAA//789//AAV320


What airline? Japan Airlines?


Well, we want to share as a group


Terminal 2, Virgin Atlantic to EGCC


@Oli5 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!


I’m in!

Delta / Terminal 3 / Gate 33B



I’ll get a gate at Tom Bradley for Istanbul


Delta Terminal 3, Gate 34


Sorry @Georges180305 I’ll have to withdraw from the event. I have an around the world trip that I will be doing, and it will take months.


@Airbus_737 I removed you from the event.
@Swiftlings_17 @Eric_T @Hartford38 I added you to the event! Thank you for signing up!



  • IFGC

Welcome IFGC We are a big group in the infinite flight, We have 50 pilots our place is the Middle East and we have many beautiful events and we are honored to participate in your event on February 23

  • Do you want to know we are

If you are a frequent flyer in the Middle East, you will find our members flying next to their name (IFGC). But if you want to learn more you can visit our page OUR ACCOUNT

  • What about our participation in the event

As I said earlier we will be in Los Angeles February 23 and we will be at Terminal 5 The flight will be determined later and the airlines we will choose will be a unit of this

  1. JetBlue

  2. Spirit

  3. Frontier

We will choose a unit from them and we will represent them with you

Finally, we thank you and we are excited to participate with you, and we will try to show you the required level and look forward


Why did you post it here?
I’m just asking


This group is sponsoring the event. T5 is reserved for them :)


I did not know that, cool.