A Huge Flyout Event in Los Angeles on the Expert Server Sponsored by 2 VAs! (CLOSED!) (101 Attendants!) @ KLAX - 231700ZFEB19




**About this Event **: This new event is being held at KLAX, and for anyone that didn’t participate at my last events, I try to make those events as realistic, organized and professional as possible. I do not do them on the training server because those events could be a mess if almost all of the airport is full. If the event is covered by IFATC, it would be great, but if not, please use UNICOM wisely.

This airport flyout event is also the second of a new series I created. Every month, I will make 2 events: My first event was at EHAM (and you can still sign up for it) and now my second one at KLAX.

About the airport:

Event important information:

–> Server: Expert Server
–> Region: California, USA
–> Airport: KLAX - Los Angeles
–> Time: 2019-02-23T17:00:00Z


–> Please remain professional at all time
–> Spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before the event
–> If there is a route you would like to fly but that’s not already written, you can ask me and may add it.

To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below or else I won’t take it into consideration. Thank you.

(Aircraft) (Airline) (Callsign) (Route)



Terminal 1

Southwest Airlines

Terminal 2

Delta Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

Terminal 3

Delta Airlines

Terminal 4

American Airlines

Terminal 5

Allegiant Air
American Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Virgin America

Terminal 6

Air Canada
Alaska Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines

Terminal 7

United Airlines (Heavies)

Terminal 8

United Airlines (Jets)

Tom Bradley International Terminal

Air China
Air France
Air New Zealand
Air Tahiti Nui
Asiana Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Copa Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways
Japan Airlines
Korean Air
LATAM Airlines (Peru and Chile)
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Philippine Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Swiss International Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Qatar Airways
Xiamen Air


Air Bridge Cargo
China Cargo Airlines
China Southern Cargo
Emirates Sky Cargo
FedEx Cargo
Korean Air Cargo
LAN Cargo
Lufthansa Cargo
Nippon Cargo
Qatar Airways Cargo

West Remote gates 210 --> 219

Southwest Airlines
Alaska Airlines


Terminal 1 (FULL!)

Terminal 1

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 09 737-700 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KSJC @BigBert10 (SWA100)
Gate 11A 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-TBD @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 11B 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KSJC @GlobalFlyer1 (SWA32)
Gate 12A 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KPIT @CaptJackson (SWA 11)
Gate 12B 737-700 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KDEN @Luke_Sta (SWA212)
Gate 13 737-700 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KLAS @Kevinsoto1502 (SWA192)
Gate 14 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KDEN @Joseph007 (SWA007)
Gate 15 737-700 Southwest Airlines (Air Tran) KLAX-KDEN @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 (SWA1799)
Gate 16 737-700 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KDEN @JeromeJ (Southwest 3502)
Gate 17A 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KOAK @ClarenceTheAvgeek (SWA76)
Gate 17B 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-TBD @MJL_Productions
Gate 18A 737-700 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KSJC @Bacsek_Balint (SWA429)
Gate 18B 737 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KSJC @Stevensair (SWA810)
Terminal 2 (FULL!)

Terminal 2

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 21B 737-900 Delta Airlines KLAX-TBD @Tharealjaay
Gate 22 737-800 Delta Airlines KLAX-MMPR @samoyed1
Gate 23 737-800 WestJet KLAX-CYVR @ILOVE7879 (WJVACEO)
Gate 24A 737-800 Delta Airlines KLAX-KSFO @EthanT2 (DLVA22)
Gate 25 757-200 Delta Airlines KLAX-KSFO @OtoeTiger88 (Delta 4739)
Gate 26 737-800 WestJet KLAX-CYYC @TheTyGuy426 (WS1503)
Gate 27 737-800 Delta Airlines KLAX-KORD @Callum_King1
Gate 28 787-8 Aeromexico KLAX-MMEX @DatDude007 (Aeromexico 1334)
Gate 29 787-9 Virgin Atlantic KLAX-EGCC @Oli5
Terminal 3 (5 gates left)

Terminal 3

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 30
Gate 31A
Gate 31B 737-800 Delta Airlines KLAX-MMUN @CarlosFunes (DLVA2492)
Gate 32 737-800 Delta Airlines KLAX-MMGL @Zakayhb (Delta 1210)
Gate 33A A321 Delta Airlines KLAX-KSLC @Delta5283 (DAL2732)
Gate 33B 737-900 Delta Airlines KLAX-KSEA @Eric_T (Delta117)
Gate 34 777-200LR Delta Airlines KLAX-KATL @Hartford38 (DLVA4822)
Gate 35 787-8 Delta Airlines KLAX-PHNL @Albert_a01 (delta 611)
Gate 36 767-300 Delta Airlines KLAX-PANC @Infiniteflightcanada (IFCANADA)
Gate 37A
Gate 37B
Gate 38
Gate 39
Terminal 4 (9 gates left)

Terminal 4

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 40 A321 American Airlines KLAX-KPHX @ItzEhs (American 899)
Gate 41 737-800 American Airlines KLAX-KSEA @pelicanjars (American4124)
Gate 42A A321 American Airlines KLAX-KSAT @AIr3 (American039)
Gate 42B A320 Virgin America KLAX-KSEA @Nick_Martin (VGVARM)
Gate 43 787-9 American Airlines KLAX-YSSY @BennyBoy (AAL73)
Gate 45 E175 Northwest KLAX-KSAN @Jens_Severin
Gate 46A
Gate 46B
Gate 46C
Gate 47A
Gate 47B
Gate 48A
Gate 48C
Gate 49A
Gate 49B
Terminal 5 (FULL!)

Terminal 5

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 50A A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-005)
Gate 50B A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-018)
Gate 51A A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-029)
Gate 52A A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-021)
Gate 52B A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-004)
Gate 53 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-014)
Gate 54A A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-001)
Gate 54B A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-092)
Gate 55 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-029)
Gate 56 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-030)
Gate 57 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-024)
Gate 58 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-002)
Gate 59 A320 JetBlue KLAX-KSJC @IFGCGroup (IFGC-034)
Terminal 6 (FULL!)

Terminal 6

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 60 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSFO @Aviation-21 (Alaska 21)
Gate 61 A320 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KJFK @Dylan_M (ASVA052)
Gate 62 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KBWI @CaptainCam (ASVA001)
Gate 63 A320 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSFO @Kaleb_Jordan
Gate 64 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KBWI @CaptDan (ASVA015)
Gate 65A 737-800 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSEA @Justen_Lim (ASVA038)
Gate 65B 737-800 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KPDX @bdreslin02 (ASVA013)
Gate 66 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSEA @Charles_Brandt (ASVA007)
Gate 67 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KBWI @Lorenz1 (ASVA003)
Gate 68A 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KBWI @Hawaii11 (ASVA008)
Gate 68B A319 Air Canada KLAX-CYYC @Shane_Cullen (ACVA251)
Gate 69A 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSFO @samdog27 (ASVA092)
Gate 69B 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSEA @IF787
Terminal 7 (4 gates left)

Terminal 7

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 70A 787 United Airlines KLAX-KLAS @jakey2_0 (United 1532)
Gate 70B 747-400 United Airlines KLAX-EGLL @jlande499 (UAL1572)
Gate 71A
Gate 71B
Gate 72 787 United Airlines KLAX_KDEN @Captainshayan (United 6290 Heavy)
Gate 73 A320 United Airlines KLAX-KDEN @Connor_Mcmullin (United 3680)
Gate 74 787-10 United Airlines KLAX-KEWR @Sebastian9915 (United 2418 heavy)
Gate 75A
Gate 75B
Gate 76 737-900 United Airlines KLAX-TBD @CameronH21 (UVA-109)
Gate 77 787-10 United Airlines KLAX-KEWR @ant6300 (United 45)
Terminal 8 (6 Gates left!)

Terminal 8

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 80 737-900 United Airlines KLAX-KSFO @esant_15 (United 398)
Gate 81 737-800 United Airlines KLAX-KSFO @DEN_Airport (N9818)
Gate 82
Gate 83 737-800 United Airlines KLAX-KSFO @zand3r (United 571)
Gate 84
Gate 85
Gate 86
Gate 87
Gate 88


Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 130 787-8 LOT Polish KLAX-EPWA @Kuba_Jaroszczyk (LOT 24)
Gate 131 747-400 Cathay Pacific KLAX-MMMX @SirMarkieMark
Gate 132 777-200er Air France KLAX-LFPG @joslleymiguel_holand
Gate 133 787-9 Qantas KLAX-YSSY @Don_King (Qantas 12)
Gate 134 787-9 British Airways KLAX-EGLL @Kukri (Speedbird 457 Heavy)
Gate 135 777-300er Air New Zealand KLAX-NCRG @Lucas_Piedra (Air New Zealand 19)
Gate 137 737-800 Copa Airlines KLAX-MPTO @Carlo-Espino10
Gate 141 777-300er Swiss Airlines KLAX-LSZH @Chindle_1204
Gate 148 787-10 Singapore Airlines KLAX-RJAA @Aviator_WASUPFAMBOI (Singapore 400)
Gate 150 787-9 Saudia Airlines KLAX-OEJN @MrFriday
Gate 151 787-10 ANA KLAX-RJAA @Darpan (K-2SO)
Gate 152 747-400 KLM KLAX-EHAM @sehevu (KL602)
Gate 153 777-200LR Qatar Airways KLAX-OTHH @United_1154 (Qatari 740)
Gate 154 A380 or 777-300ER or 787-9 British Airways KLAX-EGLL @A320fan
Gate 155 787-10 Singapore Airlines KLAX-RJTT @Ecurr1996
Gate 156 787-9 Air China KLAX-ZBAA @Captain_JR (Air China 888 Heavy)
Gate 157 787-8 Xiamen Air KLAX-ZSAM @Logan_Lee (XiamenAir830)
Gate 159 777-300er Etihad Airways KLAX-OMAA @Abel_Kocsis (EYV185)
West Remote gates 210 --> 219 (1 Gate Left!)

West Remote gates 210 --> 219

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Gate 210 A320 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSEA @IanZ (AAV0923)
Gate 211 737 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KPDX @AIDAN101 (ASVA083)
Gate 212 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KPDX @Mattheus (ASVA004)
Gate 213 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KBOS @bechrisair (ASVA011)
Gate 214 737-800 Southwest Airlines KLAX-KDEN @TomJohnson (SWA349)
Gate 215 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSEA @elovelin (ASVA096)
Gate 216 737-900 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KSFO @TaterToT3565 (ASVA095)
Gate 217
Gate 218 ERJ 175 Alaska Airlines KLAX-KDAL @MIGVISION (ASVA113)
Gate 219


Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
Imperial Cargo 01
Imperial Cargo 02 747-8 Cargolux KLAX-PANC @Matthew_20204
Imperial Cargo 03 A330-200F UPS KLAX-PANC @Rockydawg_42 (UPS142)
Imperial Cargo 04
Imperial Cargo 05
Imperial Cargo 06
Imperial Cargo 07
Imperial Cargo 08
Imperial Cargo 09
Imperial Cargo 10

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
FedEx Cargo 01
FedEx Cargo 02
FedEx Cargo 03
FedEx Cargo 04
FedEx Cargo 05
FedEx Cargo 06
FedEx Cargo 07
FedEx Cargo 08
FedEx Cargo 09
FedEx Cargo 10
FedEx Cargo 11
FedEx Cargo 12
FedEx Cargo 13

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
South Cargo 01
South Cargo 02
South Cargo 03

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Attendant
South Cargo Pad 01
South Cargo Pad 02
South Cargo Pad 03
South Cargo Pad 04
South Cargo Pad 05
South Cargo Pad 06 777-200F TNT KLAX-KJFK @BadPlane (TFC-023)
South Cargo Pad 07


Southwest Virtual:

Alaska Virtual:

Where should I do my next flyout event? [POLL CLOSED!]
We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.
ATC Schedule • 18-24 Feb 19
We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.

Most of this does not make sense. The KLAX flyout located at EHAM in Europe. I think you have some things to fix


I can not understand where the flight will start and where it will end


There are no established routes, one who wants to sign up will choose a gate with a proper airline aircraft and destination.


It’s a flyout at KLAX but the info says EHAM


He’s copied his previous event, but missed that he has to switch some stuff xD


ok guys still can not understand, I know we’ll start in KLAX and choose our destination according to the terminals he mentioned, now I want to understand why he wrote EHAM


Look up one post!

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I’m very sorry for the confusion guys I just fixed it the event is at KLAX. I did an error.


I’ll take gate 75

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It’s understandable. We all make mistakes. I just did not understand l, thank you for fixing it!


Please follow those instructions. Thank you

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787 United United 1532 KLAX-KLAS
Ya I know weird route.


Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 to SFO. Callsign Alaska 21


Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 to SJC

I will be representing Southwest Virtual so my callsign will be SWA100

(following the real world WN893)


@BigBert10 @Aviation-21 @jakey2_0 I added you all to the event.

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United 737-900 to KSFO, callsign United 398.

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I’ll take a gate
(Aircraft: 772F)
(Airline: china southern cargo)
(Callsign: china southern 116 heavy)
(Route: Los angel >> KLAX << to shanghai >> ZSPD <<)


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I’ll take Gate 16 Terminal 1 Southwest 737-800 to KBWI. Callsign: Southwest 3763


I’ll take gate 11A. I’m not sure about the destination so just put TBD in a 738