A HUGE applause and kindness to IF developers

I want to take this thread to thank all the People working at Infinite Flight to make such a wonderful environment and simulator. This update 20.1 is the reward of a lot of word. I personally was one of the people that complained because it took too much time. But I now get it. Quality over quantity. IF is the better mobile sim in the market and is getting better and better with updates. This SID/STAR along the Center Freq and B777 sounds is just stunning. THANK YOU ALL guys for making this magic update. Looking forward to enjoy even better ones. Cheers ! CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORY TODAY. You all deserve it.


Thanks, Diego! We appreciate the kind words :) it was a stressful release with the launch issues last night, but we’re happy it’s in everyone’s hands.



Thank you for the kind words Diego :)


You guys did a great job! I wonder if any of us players can reach your mentality of patience, as for one I have the mental capacity of a teaspoon.

I still don’t have it, but the premiere it’s self was an awesome birthday surprise.

Can’t wait for more in the future!

Cheers for the staff! 🥂 🍻


I agree, IF really went above and beyond with 20.1. Truly love this update, thanks IF!


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