A Hop Through Greece - Presented by GlobeCast Virtual Alliance @ LCLK - 221800ZSEP18

Event Summary

Please join the GlobeCast Virtual Alliance as we fly a fun, scenic route through Aegean Virtual’s Home Country for an event that brings together 6 Virtual Airlines!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Time & Date of Departure: September 22, 2018 6:00 PM
Aircraft: A320, Generic
Departure ICAO: LCLK
Estimated Flight Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Arrival ICAO: LGAV

Flight Information

Most of our crutial flight information is dependent on weather. A Group-PM will be sent out to all participants with all of the information they need for the flight.


  • Please spawn in 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to prepare for our departure.

  • Please maintain spacing with other aircraft during the flight, and demonstrate proper airmanship throughout all flight stages

  • As ATC is unanticipated, please use Unicom properly during the event.

Gate Assignments

Please note that you are not required to be in any Member Virtual Airline to attend!

Gate Attendee
11: @Moonlit
13: @Pascal2910
14: @VAnuj
15: @royfr83
18: @rileymoyer
21: @EthanT2
22: @NeperQiell
24: @2003iggy

Globe Cast Virtual Alliance 07_PM_6_5

This event is brought to you by the GlobeCast Virtual Alliance. GlobeCast was founded with the mission of uniting smaller Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight community through codeshares, joint events, and more.

Here are the Virtual Airlines that make GlobeCast what it is Today:

Virtual Airlines

Caribbean Virtual Airlines

Northwest Virtual Airlines

Aegean Virtual Airlines

Korean Virtual Airlines

Fly Swiss Virtual Airlines

WestSky Virtual Airlines


Will be a fun event! I’ll take a gate please :)

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I’ll take a gate, got to represent CVA

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I would like to get a gate😊


You are all set for Gate 11. See you there!

You are down for Gate 12. Thanks for your interest!

Gate 13 is yours!


Count me in! Represent CVA!

Hi, I will take a gate please. (AOVA)

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hey can i have a gate with, (AOVA120)


Id like a gate also!

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Can I have a gate please? Thanks!

All of your gates have been assigned! Take a look above. :)

Update: 5 more Gates have been added! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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Unfortunately I’ll have to pull out of this one:(

Sorry to hear that, your space has been freed up.

This event is coming up soon now and is not one to miss! Sign up today! :)

It’s not too late to grab a gate for the event!

Nice event! I really wish we had the Aegan A320 :(

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We would love that as well. :)

Our event is tomorrow! If you can make it, we would love to see you there for this beautiful flight!

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