A Hop and a Skip

Hey guys, welcome back to another one of my Screenshot topics!

A couple of days ago I decided to fly my first long haul flight. (Yes I’ve been an avid user of the app since 2016 and haven’t flown a long haul I’m aware). I flew the amazing 747-8F in the incredibly smooth CargoLux Livery from John F. Kennedy International to Luxembourg Airport. It was a feat for myself and my phone, not used to extended periods of use on an app (except for my TikTok addiction)

Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Flight Information

Flight: Cargolux 448 Heavy
Server: Expert
Route: John F. Kennedy International Airport - Luxembourg Airport (KJFK - ELLX)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-800F (Cargolux)
Flight Time: 6hrs:56mins

The Photos!

(1) Planning the long flight ahead in the cargo area at JFK


(2) High angle of departure lifting off from the runway


(3) Somewhere over the Northern Atlantic Ocean


(4) The Irish Coastline appearing on our left handside


(5) Flying between the buzzing hubs of Gatwick and Heathrow Airports (Heathrow Pictured)


(6) Decending along the Belgium Border


(7) On final for runway 06 at Luxembourg


(8) Cargolux 448H clearing the runway and beginning the taxi to the Cargo Area


(9) The amazing 747 basking in the morning sunlight after a hop and a skip across the Atlantic


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Overall I enjoyed the first longish flight that i’ve undertaken and would love to do it when I next have a large block of time.

Until the next time, safe flying!

now time to reopen TikTok and be on there for the remainder of the week

Please do not use photos without direct permission


Lovely photos Connor!

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Neat photos!

It should be 8F instead of 800F ;)