A hop across the Yellow Sea

FNF was in Seoul at the time, and I figured I’d do something a bit, unique. Delta’s flying the A350 on cargo runs to Asia, and they stop in Seoul for a crew change. Here’s the results.

Server - Expert
Route - RKSI to ZSPD
Flight time - 1h29m
Equipment - Airbus A350-900
Airline - Delta Air Lines
Callsign - Delta 283 Heavy

Doing the walkaround is always fun, especially when you’re dealing with an aircraft of this size!

View from the competition 787

Stands out quite a bit in this crowd, certainly the only American here

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel that the A350 simply has the most beautiful wings ever placed on an aircraft

Climbing out on the departure leg, basking in the hot Korean sun (btw, I have no idea what weather is actually in Seoul right now, for all I know, it’s freezing and snowing there)

I’m more of a Europe guy myself, but Asia is absolutely beautiful

The crossing of the sea, an endeavor which once took hours, days even, has now been completed in less than 30 minutes

In one image, a seasoned pilot, one with over 40 years in the air, looks upon the sprawling Chinese city as he turns onto the final approach leg, reminding himself of why he loves his job, his career.

In another, an aspiring student looks upon his future. His passion lies in front of him, a new arrival every few minutes.

Not the best, but pretty good given the crosswind. Certainly a fitting conclusion


I will agree with that statement.

Wonderful shots!


This might as well be the most true statement in the entire world and no one can change my mind. I personally think the A350 is better than the 787, but I think it’s really close. The thing that does it for me is mainly the windows, because the 787’s are locked shut on most airlines.

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It’s actually a pretty cool gimmick, but it very quickly becomes just that: a gimmick. I say someone try both on an aircraft, dimmers and shades.

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The first time I ever saw a sun shot

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I will come one day