A Hidden Gem in the Mountains | Klagenfurt Airport Spotlight (LOWK)

Hello Infinite Flight Community, I thought it would be pretty interesting to write a little post highlighting a beautiful airport I found in Infinite Flight, in this case, Klagenfurt Airport which is situated in southern Austria. I am encouraging people to fly to this wonderful little airport whether it is through a GA tour or an official commercial route.

Opened in 1914, Klagenfurt airport originally served as a military Airfield through World War 1 and World War 2. It was converted to a civilian airport on May 17th, 1925 and already in the year 1926, it had operations from several European airlines and was very well connected to other European destinations. Unfortunately, the airport has suffered from a decline in passengers numbers recently, which is leading airlines such as Austrian to reconsider its route to Vienna.

Infinite Flight:
In Infinite Flight, this airport currently has 1 main asphalt runway, with an additional secondary grass runway for non-commercial operations. This airport does need some updates from the Infinite Flight Airport editing team, but it is overall functional.

Commercial Routes:
Below, I will place some of the routes from this airport along with some additional details about them so you can go out and fly them yourself!

Airline Destination Aircraft Livery in Game Operation Type
Austrian Airlines Vienna DH8D Year Round
easyJet London–Gatwick A320 Seasonal/Operated December - March
Eurowings Cologne/Bonn A319 Year Round
Transavia Rotterdam B737-700 Seasonal/Operated January - February

Official government LOWK airport charts can be found at this link below:
Austrian AIP Charts LOWK

Additional Information can be found here:
LOWK Skyvector

Hopefully some of you live pilots will enjoy exploring this airport. :)

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A very tiny yet interesting airport. Well done!


I think we have the Eurowings A319 livery, don’t we?

Yes, just checked it, the EW A319 is in IF. (@Aceorbit)

Side note: There also is a Transavia B737 in IF but it’s a B737-800 in the old livery.

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Ah yeah you are correct, not sure how I missed that, updated the chart to reflect the Eurowings.

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Top, thank you. Nice thread nonetheless!

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