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Hi folks, it’s been a sad few weeks as I have seen many VAs close and shut down. Mostly due to the same issue: "no applicants"

So why does this happen? And how can I fix it?

The reason behind this issue is the way your Virtual Airline operates. Players of Infinite Flight aren’t looking for a basic website with a couple of routes, they are looking for a realistic experience, something that is like a real world airline.

I’m sure you have found one before that’s not realistic, no time spent on it.

  • The main way to getting your VA started is to spend some time on it, it’s not just a topic and free wix or weebly website. Spending time and planning out your operations will create a spectacular VA, if you were to study the larger VAs like Qantas, Travelsky, American & Skyliner, you would find that these airlines/groups are very organized & professional.

  • It’s not only the organized and time factor, there’s advertising as well. How you advertise. Some VA owners will create a VA and spam the absolute h*ll out of the VA category. This doesn’t follow our guidelines, nor does it create a professional sense.

If your going to create advertisements, stick to your main topic and make them professional like.

Bad Example: Come join my airline!!! We have routes!!! We want staff

Good Example: XXX Virtual is a fully functional VA which operates realistic and fun routes for the Infinite Flight pilot. To become a pilot at XXX follow the link below… Etc-

These examples are very short and can be a bit more lengthy & detailed. But getting back to the main point; spend some time on it and get your name out, make a good reputation for that VA.

If you have any further questions feel free to comment them. For more info on starting a VA please visit:


I agree with this, most people rush into making a VA, and completely underestimate the amount of work that goes into making one.


Yep! Good idea of making this! You should have staff, a website, routes, fleet, logos, and everything else you need for your VA before announcing it! Most people don’t like reading VA topics that say “Join my new VA, website, logo coming soon. I need staff and pilots. Join!”. If you don’t want to spend days or weeks planning your VA before announcing it, don’t make one! Join one like [TravelSky] (https://travelskyif.weebly.com), Qantas, or Skyliner! All 3 of those are very well thought out, organized VA’s. Don’t just spend a few minutes or an hour thinking about your VA then make a topic unprepared. Always put time into your VA to make it a success. Also, if one VA doesn’t work out for you, don’t make another one with the same lack of effort topics, no website, etc. I’ve seen countless people say one VA is closing, then go start a new one that’s about the same if not worse than the old one!


From where you get them?

Heehee don’t mind me with my va called Banter Virtrual 😂😂

No real way to make it professional

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Maybe if it was more thought out and a bit more serious people would join. That’s why you don’t have many pilots (if any).

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I have a few pilots one of them is Rooney Pickering 😂

Its all about the research!

that’s what all the research before the start up takes place. Find the airports in an Infinite Flight region and use the internet to research which real life routes use those airports (there is a topic in general with a list as well). Or fly different routes yourself with the aircraft you want in the VA in order to see if they work or the final way is to get the timetable of an actual airline and see which of their routes you can use.

Its all about the research!

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Dat was joke

Ontopic thank you!

sometimes hard to tell if a joke or not…

When I first starting flying IF I did have difficulty in finding suitable routes to fly…took me a bit of research to find good ones I enjoy flying!

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Yup!! Theres I new VA coming soon that will blow you away (I’m helping @Lewis_Birdie_Avery)

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A good personality will also be inviting to people joining your VA. You can’t rip people apart all over the community and expect them to join your VA. Some of the owners of VAs are just distasteful; arguing, rude, howling, sulking, unstable, etc. How will you expect people to join VAs run by such?


Are you talking to me?

Make sure you take this topic into consideration.

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