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I’m a 12th-grade student in India, and I’ve been facing difficulties finding scholarships for CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and type rating, as the costs are very high here. I have talent and a strong work ethic, and I’m willing to work hard to achieve my dream of becoming a pilot. I’ve heard that in your country, there might be scholarships or opportunities in the aviation field. If you could assist me or provide any guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m open to removing this post if it’s against the forum’s rules. I’m just feeling lost and looking for some help and this was the only active community I could find.



While I don’t know of any specific programs, I’d take a good look around the United States. It’s a country with a lot of aviation programs, and a vast array of regions to choose from.

Good luck!


thank you!! I’ll look into it



Here in the US, we have many programs launched by airlineʻs, such as ʻAviateʻ by United, “Propel” by Delta, Destination 225 by Southwest, etc. But we also have some very well-known flight schools, such as ATP Flight School, CAE Oxford, etc. But if want to come to college here, we have some collegeʻs with flight schools, Purdue University, The Ohio State, Embry Riddle University, and more! These you will have to pay for, or get a scholarship, but if you want to fly for free and earn little money, you can apply and try hard for the Air Force Academy, Navy Academy, or the Marines, but you must get US citizenship for these.



Hey there! That’s awesome that you want to achieve your dreams and become a pilot! I can say that here in the USA has a lot of great flight schools. You got ATP Flight School, and Emory Riddle. A few colleges such as Ohio State and Purdue have good aviation programs I heard as well. I am not sure how easy it’ll be actually being able to come to the USA to go to school. I am not sure if you need a visa or full on citizenship. I’d assume you need to apply for citizenship (if you are not a US citizen) since you’d likely be living in the USA for at least probably around 4 years. That is something you’ll have to do research on. If you need to apply for that stuff, your best bet is to do it now if you plan to start flight school very soon as it can take a while to actually get everything approved. Getting into aviation and getting all of your ratings is very costly, so expect to spend anywhere from $50k-$100k total on your flight school journey (if you plan to become a commercial pilot). If you have anymore questions, feel free to DM me as I’ll try to help you to the best of my abilities.


Thats if the OP doesn’t go to USAF, or Navy and whatnot

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That’s true. I’m talking about if you plan to go to a flight school and get all of your ratings up to commercial. It varies a ton depending on where you go and how you do it.


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