A Helicopter Tour out of PHTO


So I’ve had these shots lying around since 6/30/18, and I don’t have much going on right now, so I figured I’d write up a quick post about them! For some backstory, I live on the Kona side of the Big Island, and at the time, there was some major volcanic activity going on on the other side of the island. I decided to make the trip over to get some unique shots of the lava, and managed to get a few aviation related pictures while I was there. It was definitely an amazing experience that I’d recommend to anyone who has the chance. Anyway, lets get to the pictures!

My ride for the day was N551PH, an MD500 helicopter

As we walked over to our ride, a HA 717 painted in their new livery was parked at the gate

Shortly after departure, we start towards the main attraction fo the flight

We pass another touring aircraft as we near the water entry site

We finally arrive at Fissure 8, dead center in what used to be Leilani Estates

Lava glows at the water entry point

Another 717 preps for taxi as we return to PHTO

Another view from the apron

That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed this mini trip report of sorts. Again, if the eruption ever starts back up to this extent again, I’d highly recommend you go check a tour like this out. It’s definitely something that anyone who has the chance to experience should do. If this belongs in another category, mods, feel free to move it. Thanks guys!


Wow sick photos of the lava!


Heading back there in march!


This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!


717 looks nicer in real life than in IF. It looks amazing in the photos.


Wow!! These are some great catches mate!! ❤️✈️


Well then again the 717 is an old model in IF And was created when FDS didnt have the technology capable of producing the models such as the CRJ. :)

Great pictures @turtlebiscut!!! I especially love seeing the Hawaiian 717’s as I don’t get to see them on the mainland!


Your right, the model is same from the day it was added, thats why I don’t fly it much. But it will be an amazing aircraft when reworked.


Sweet MD500! Haven’t had a chance go on one but seen them work!


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