A @Hector_Wilson idea |occasional Group flights!

Hello All!

This is a re-occurring series, however it is very occasional!
The first one is (drumroll please…)

the San Diego fly in!

Where, as the title suggests, we are flying into San Diego International


I personally will be doing the BA273 (BAW44N) from LHR
I will be using the Generic a350-900
Feel free to fly with me, i will try and depart at 2100Z (2200 GMT)
It doesnt matter where you fly from, just remember —



some example flights from other places

LH466 — EDDM-KSAN A359
UA418 — KORD-KSAN B739
B6189 — KJFK-KSAN a321
WN3635 — KABQ-KSAN b738
Here is the flight radar link:

fine print
I will not be responsible for violations
There are no gate assignments
And sorry if this is a bot short of notice, but i have to go to school tomorrow, so this is my last flight before then. If no one turns up, i will do it anyway!

if interested, please reply to this thread with which flight you are going to do, so people can be interested

Erm. Slightly confused but have a good flight!

Basically, if you want to join this group flight into San Diego, you can use any aircraft from any airline and any airport. But just get to San Diego!

Wait, so then this isn’t a group flight, more of a fly-in event?

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Yea, but the others will be
Soon to come…

Idk how, but you confused me even more lol

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Some will be group flights, some will be fly ins

But overall everyone is flying in? Then it would technically be a fly-in event at that point

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Please post this in the #live:events category with the required info. Thanks!