A Hawaiian Hop

Hi! I’ve taken off from PHNL for a short hop to Molokai! (50NM away) On this flight with the Cessna 208, I’m being vectored over the airport, over the ocean, and take on a hand-flown approach! I hope you guys like the pictures! Please let me know which was your favorite and what I could do better next time!

-Expert Server

Taxiing to my departure runway.

Lining up on runway 04R.

Liftoff from 04R.

Banking left towards Honolulu.

Flying over Honolulu as an AA777-300ER takes off.

Banking right towards Molokai.

Approaching the airport.



Lovely photos! I was your tower controller (I believe!). Thanks so much for waiting on 4R for a bit! I had to get a departure out before you, and the short approach traffic kept their speed up.

Looks so much fun, hope you enjoyed :)

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Yes you were! Thanks for the ATC service!

Did you realize that I had to restart my flight? On take off my Liveflight Connect disconnected and I had to leave.

This flight was a blast because it’s different then any other flight I’ve done!

Wow nice shots!

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Great photos, the 208 is always fun for me to fly.

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