A happy median....

How about a server that’s in between the playground and advanced. Anyone can control, but the reputation has to be the same as advanced. Just a thought


That kind of ruins the point of advanced, just sayin’


maybe where you have to try out to join but its much easier to join and the rules are like playground but heavily regulated and where mistakes (minimal) are tolerated


Well it costs a lot to run each server so this probably won’t happen. But disregarding that for the moment, it could be a server that requires the controllers to be tested; however, they cannot ghost users. Just my thought:)


If it’s all partitions of one server, I don’t see why not.

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@Danman That price is off as said in the linked topic but it does cost SOMETHING to run. But I won’t say this is a bad idea, it has a good concept.

Taking it out of context slightly isn’t it? It’s still a disputed fact. Like I said, it can be done through partitions of the same server at little to no extra cost. Matt shared a screenshot of server loads the day the ATC update came out, it was displaying overall server load, the different servers are not on different server systems, they are on the same system.

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How is what your suggesting any different then what we have now. Other then letting un qualified individuals punish users?


It was just a thought. Maybe because the ratings are the same as advanced, so there won’t be any peanuts, or less. So people who want to be atc or try don’t have to deal with the people who are taking off and not even on your frequency.

Controllers on the playground that want to learn should know by now not to try and learn in So Cal