A guy made a 727 his house!

http://www.awesomeinventions.com/boeing-727-conversion-home/?r=ai Check out this article! Would love to do this one day


I might add engines To it and fly it to Australia

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Cool I wish I could do someone like that 🙂

I’d do that but with an Antonov An-225 Mriya

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It’d sure be roomy!

That is not a house, that is a mansion.

Stayed here on vacation once^^^


Why did he make the cockpit the reading room, I would make it one of those sims that pros train on, you already have all the controls! I’m sure that the intercom system in the plane could be re wired so the tv has surround sound! I should do that when I grow up, I’ll live in an A380!

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But isn’t that someone’s house

No, just search up “727 hotel in Costa Rica”. I forgot the name of it.

Hotel Costa Verde? It seems cool :)

Someone made a 747 into a hotel.

Someone made me jealous with this topic :(

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I’ll make a Space Shuttle my house!

This is pretty neat.

Sorry but Duplicate


Very strange but still I would have done it.

also can you add “into” on the title so it’s a little better worded thanks.

I would make a mansion out of an A380.