A guy follows my friend all the time

Hello IFC! As my friend don’t really know how to create a topic I decided to help him. There is one guy who’s name in IF is If_Mio. So it’s 3rd time now when he just follows my friend while flying. And this is not normal flying with him. My friend said that this guy crashes into him on the final approach. He tried to contact him on Instagram, however the guy blocked him for no reason. I would be happy if the guy would get a punishment because he is really making the game not fun now. I think that the only penalty that would be possible would be a volation or a ban from Expert Server for a while. I hope someone who can do that will understand as my friend did nothing bad to him. Thanks for understanding


Hello! Good news is is you know the name of the individual, why not try to contact them via the IFC?

@If.germany is the tag, try sending him a PM and or contact @moderators and they may help but i would recommend messaging the person first before going to moderators.




okay, thank you! Will do that!

like how @Skyler.Cooper said. try to tag him or send him a message

Just some personal advice, do not blow up on him as that will just stop him for replying…have a calm civilised conversation and I’m sure you can sort things out :)

Looks like he only joined the IFC yesterday so it may take him a while to reply…give it time.


In addition to this, generally, showing the troll that they’ve gotten to you just makes them do it more. My personal advice would be to act like he’s not even there. If you’re friend is performing evasive maneuvers, going around, or performing missed approaches because of this guy, that’s what he wants. I know it sucks to “break the rules” in a flight sim but I would just continue my flight as if he wasn’t there. They’ll get bored and go away.


okay thank you, I’ll write to my friend as that’s actually a very good idea!

One idea to that could be turning airplane count to “None”, if he’s trolling you at an airport that isn’t busy, then you can just pretend he isn’t there


One question. How does he know where ur friend is at and when spawns in?

You’re right, thanks!

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I don’t really know and my friend neither that but maybe he search for him on liveflight (it’s a flightradar for IF) if he has the pro version of it so he sees where my friend is currently flying

It’s probably best if your friend reaches out to them here on the forum. You know their username, and hopefully the two of them can work this out.

As always, the moderator inbox is open if your friend needs additional help after that.