A Guide to the Many Runways at KORD

A Guide to the Many Runways at O’Hare

Chicago’s O’Hare International airport might look overwhelming at first sight. Well it is, with miles of taxiway and 7 runways covering a massive plot of land, this sure isn’t just an ordinary airport.

Let’s go over every runway in the airport, so you know how to use them the next time you fly into KORD.

Airport Chart


We are going to cover all 7 runways from north to south, as well as the crosswind runways.

This runway is tied for the shortest in the field, and is only used for landing. Never takeoff from this runway. The common planes landing on this runway are Bombardiers as well as Embraers. However, it isn’t uncommon to see some A320 and 737 family aircraft landing here as well. Just don’t land heavies on this runway, that isn’t realistic.

Just above the terminals, you have this runway. This runway can be used for almost any purpose. It can be used for takeoff and landing, mainly landing though. This runway works very well for smaller airliners but heavies can still use this runway for landing, the biggest plane I’ve seen that has used this runway for takeoff or landing was a 787. Many Chicagoans favor this runway due to its close proximity to the terminals.

This is the longest runway at KORD, being 13,000 feet long, it can handle any aircraft there is! This runway is almost never used for landing aircraft. It is used for the heavies as well as all the other planes to take off. Please be advised that the full runway is never used, even for the heavies. Whenever you decide to use this runway to takeoff, use taxiways CC or DD for an Eastern takeoff, and use taxiway F or HH for a Western takeoff.

This runway is over 10,000 feet long and is on of two 200 foot wide runways on the field. This runway is only used for landings and is pretty much the opposite of runway 10L/28R. This is where most of the heavies land at KORD. Including 747s, 777s, 787s and A350s. Keep in mind that smaller aircraft can also land here. Heavies only use this runway for landing at KORD, so don’t make me mad and land a big plane on another runway. On rare, windy occasions, cargo planes from the south apron will takeoff on this runway. My video of a landing on runway 10C here

This is the newest runway at O’Hare, as well as tied for the shortest, and serves a very similar purpose to the northernmost runway. This runway is used for landing small aircraft no bigger than a 757. No aircraft (that I’ve seen) have ever took off from this runway, so don’t even try.

This runway is almost never ever used at KORD. However, during the rare occasions that it is used, you never land on 4L, and you never take off on 22R. I’m not certain about what aircraft can land here, but I’ve only rarely seen aircraft land on 22R, and never 4L. I’ve had one occasion where I landed here, and it was great being at the gate less than 5 minutes after touchdown.

This runway is used only for taking off aircraft. Never land on this runway, or else you will make me mad. Keep in mind that runway 4R is almost never used. However, runway 22L is used fairly often for medium sized aircraft to take off. I’ve used this runway on planes ranging from a CRJ200 all the way up to a 757. VERY RARELY used for landings. Today (10/14/20) 22L and 22R are being used for landings due to insane winds.
My own video of a takeoff from 22L is here

9C/27C (Brand New!)
Due to the new nature of this runway, and not yet being implemented in IF, this isn’t that important. However, what I know (as well as many Chicagoans) is that runway 9C/27C will be used for landings, being the second runway in the airport to be 200 feet wide!

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All in all, just be sure to use realistic operations when flying in or out of KORD. The reason I’ve made this post is that I’ve seen way too many people using the wrong runways at my home airport, and I decided that this needs to be changed. If any Chicago natives would want any corrections to be made, just @ me in the comments or PM me, and I will gladly change it.


Very nice, I took a brief skim and there is a ton of info.

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Nice job on this. One thing is which runway is in use. 9R/27L is used for both takeoff and landing, depending on which one is being used. If 9R is being used, it is only for departures, not landings. When using 27L, it is mainly used for landings, but I’ve seen some A320s and CRJs takeoff from 27L. This runway is a lot of the times used for united airlines due to it being close to terminal 1. One thing with 10R/28L, I have never seen the 28L side of the runway be used, only 10R and for landings.

So basically, if 9/10 is in use, 9L, 10C, 10R for landings. 9R, 10L for takeoffs.

If 27/28 is in use, 27R, 27L, 28C for landings. Mainly 28R, 22L for takeoffs but sometimes on 27L as well


Thank you! Haha I was one of those people landing 28R 😅


Finally! A realistic guide to my home airport KORD!

I literarily cannot stand landings on 28R/10L lol!

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Actually, this has been converted into a taxiway as well

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Yeah that is true. They are also building a 9C/27C which is exciting


For sure, the runway also looks to be very long! At least 10000 feet!

Also with this one, this can be used for landings, in the VERY RARE circumstances that winds are absolutely terrible. Recently, the afternoon European arrivals did use this one. I saw a Lufthansa b747-8i use it.

Trying to find this on FR24 right now!

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Its scheduled to open November 5th of this year

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Back in 2017 I landed on 4R on an alaska 739 back from PANC. Haven’t seen any land on 4R in a while though

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By the sounds of it 9C/27C will mainly be used for arrivals but they are planning on using 9C for some departures

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Yeah, there was a recent storm about 2 ish weeks ago that forced the B747 to land on 4R. Again, very rare, but a convinient taxi to terminal 5 I guess


I’m editing the topic as you guys speak!

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We should probably take this to PM. Dont want to clog this up

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"The King of Chicago (and Poland) is this accurate?@mkwiecek

27L/09R is used by heavies as well.

04R is sometimes used for landings

Recently 22R/04L has been used for later time operations (recently I saw LH435 depart from 04L)

A380 uses 10C/28C only, for departures only


This is not entirely true. I’ve been on a few real life flights that have used the full length from either end. I’ve gone full length in both a fully loaded ANA 777-300 flight to Haneda, and the Air New Zealand 787 to Auckland.

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Ok I listened to your feedback! Editing it in now.

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Thanks alot for this! Good lord this airport was hard to navigate in the mid 2010s…

A triangle??? Seriously, why???

It’s still kinda hard to get through, but this guide definitely helps.