A Guide to the Expressway Visual

The Expressway Visual Tutorial

The Expressway Visual is one of the most interesting Approaches in America. Aircraft follow the Long Island Expressway before making a banking turn over Citi Field. Then pilots land on Runway 31 at LaGuardia Airport. In this Tutorial, we discuss the basics of this world famous approach. Stay with me as we go through all aspects of the Approach.

Approach Diagram:

The LGA Expressway Visual Approach is widely available and can be found on many sites for free. I’ve attached the one that I’ve found below:

Approach Chart


Approach Video:

Here is a handy resource for people looking for a video. I’ve attached the Cockpit View of a CRJ-900 perfectly executing the Approach.

Approach Video



After looking at the chart and video, you may still be wondering what exactly is happening. That is ok! I’m here to walk you through it.

Step 1: The start of the Approach puts you on a straight In for Runway 04. Aircraft follow the straight in until point DIALS.

Step 2: Once at point DIALS, aircraft turn to heading 085°. This is where the Long Island Expressway comes into view. Aircraft follow the Expressway until CitiField.

Step 3: CitiField is a marker to turn. Aircraft turn over CitiField and over Flushing Meadows Park.

Step 4: Continue the turn until you align with Runway 31. You may get quite close to the water. That is normal. The Approach is a challenge. It takes some practice.


Remember the Visibility Requirements! A 3000ft Ceiling and 5 SM Visibility is required for the Approach.

If you are performing this on Expert, it’s best to contact your controller prior to the Approach.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Any questions can be listed down below. Signing off for now!


Video & Photo Credit: https://youtube.com/c/AviaryPixionary01


Awesome tutorial mate. Got to get around to trying this again sometime soon!


Last time you did it, you landed upside down. For the sake of everyone, please don’t do it again. 😜

Excellent tutorial, @Sashaz55!


Isn’t that how you are meant to land…

So in other words, I greased the landing. Thanks! 😂


I appreciate the kind words! Thanks @Z-Tube as well!

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Very nice Sasha. Long Island Vibes

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I hate LaGuardia with all my heart, but I have to try this.

An amazing tutorial, congratulations! I’ll see if I see a day to do that. It should be easy, right? Lol.

I know what approach I’ll be doing next flight :) Thanks for the guide.

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Nice tutorial - I’m definitely enjoying these airport specific topics so I have the resources to conduct more realistic ops. Just FYI though, you put a PNG file in for the approach chart. As someone who uses dark mode I can say I was very confused as to why I couldn’t read it at all. Just a heads up for any other dark mode users haha. Switching to light mode fixed it

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Love it! I’ve tried shooting this approach a few times myself. Now I have a reason to do it again! Thanks, Sasha.


I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been having issues with the charts recently. Good to see that Light Mode helped!

…and I took that personally

Very nice tutorial! I need to start flying this again.

Please fix your claustrophobic ceilings, as fast as you can, I saw a 3 year old touch the ceiling, anyways, I tried the approach and I failed, miserably… trying to do it tomorrow now in the 320

Already being worked on, go to Terminal B and you’ll see

Tried this yesterday it was very beautiful and fun

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how do i know where citi field in if

Take what looks like a baseball field and thats most likely it