A Guide To Spotting In Infinite Flight

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Hello everyone today I will be going over how to spot in Infinite flight!

Step 1 Pick Your Airport:

This is a very important step you want to pick a airport that has people and ATC this will most likely be a place to see some good aircraft and get some good shots!

Step 2 Callsign:

When spotting you need to put a callsign that IFATC or any person doing ATC would recognize you spotting. One good callsign to use is SPOTTING or SPOT these callsigns will help you make sure that ATC doesn’t give you commands.

Step 3 Spawning In:

You must pick a good spot with good views of the runway. Try to spawn as a GA aircraft near the beginning of the runway. Try not to spawn at a commercial gate.

Step 4 ATC:

This simple but important do not tune into the ATC frequency this will just make it harder for the ATC controller.

Step 5 Get Some Shots:

Stay around for about 20-30 minutes and watch all the aircraft land and take off you can even rate the landings! After the session go into replay mode and get some nice shots!

Thanks for reading everyone hope you learned how to spot see you soon!


Nice tutorial @Sashaz55! Will definitely be using this in the future :)


??? - This part doesn’t make sense, ATC won’t give you commands unless you call in, so there’s no actual need for a spotting callsign.


You can tune into an ATC frequency. It won‘t make things harder for the controller. :)

Step 1: Spawn in.
Step 2: Leave your device for an extended period of time as you are parked at the gate.
Step 3: Go into your replay and take screenshots.


The controller can just swipe and get rip of you off of their screen if they need to.

You could be given a
CALLSINE contact Airport ground on Frequency

If you’re parked at the gate why would there be any need to contact ground?


True that .

This is great guide. There could be similar guides for other issues.

Guide for taxiing: request taxi, taxi.
Guide for cabin view: choose cabin cam, look at the window.

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It would be a little concerning if people don’t already know how to do this, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t it then just better to stay on the ATIS freq. (if you are on ES)

Just don’t contact anyone.

This is entirely your discretion, whether you want to be on ATIS, ground or no frequency, just don’t send any messages to the channel and you won’t be bothered.

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