A Guide To San Juan FNF


Background of the Island

San Juan, Puerto Rico is the capital and most-populous municipality in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. As of the 2010 census, it is the 46th-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States, with a population of 395,326. San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, who called it “Ciudad de Puerto Rico“ “Rich Port City”. Puerto Rico’s capital is the third oldest European-established capital city in the Americas, after Santo Domingo, founded in 1496 and Panama City, in Panama, founded in 1519. Several historical buildings are located in San Juan; among the most notable are the city’s former defensive forts, Fort San Felipe del Morro and Fort San Cristóbal, and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion in continuous use in the Americas.

For more information on Puerto Rico, visit for more information on the beautiful Caribbean island…

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Luiz Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU)

San Juan like many other major cities has its main airport located in Carolina, Puerto Rico a couple miles from the city of San Juan. San Juan’s airport was named after the first democratically elected governor. San Juan’s airport is was and currently still is the busiest airport in the Caribbean handling up to 9.5 Million passenger yearly.


Airlines That Serve San Juan

Air Canada

Located: Terminal B/C

Allegiant Air

Located: Terminal B

American Airlines

Located: Terminal C


Located: Terminal C

Copa Airlines

Located: Terminal B/C

Delta Airlines

Located: Terminal B

Frontier Airlines

Located: Terminal A


Located: Terminal C


Located: Terminal A (Occasional Departures out of C for destinations in the Dominican Republic)

Southwest Airlines

Location: Terminal B

Spirit Airlines

Located: Terminal B

United Airlines

Located: Terminal B


Located: Terminal B

^ Note that some airlines such as: Condor, Silver, SunCountry, etc…, are not present in the game therefore I have left out their respective location. If you do wish however to find out their locations I will leave the locations for those airlines below…

Other Airlines

Air Transat: Located in TerminalB/C
Cape Air: Located in Terminal D
Condor: Located in Terminal C
Seaborne/Silver Airways: Located in Terminal D
SunCountry: Located in Terminal B


Terminal Map

Procedures for SJU

Runway Dimensions

Runway Length
08/26 10,400ft
10/28 8,016ft


Runway 08: This is the Departure runway which all takeoffs are performed on. This runway is also used for arrival but is not the main landing runway therefore it is used only for an arrival or so every hour or two. But other than that all takeoffs are performed on this runway.

Runway 10: This is the main Landing runway were all landings are operated on. In infinite flight this runway may be used to take off arrivals in case of overflow traffic. But all takeoffs are operated on RWY 08 no matter where an aircraft is located at.

Runway’s 26/28: This is a Very Rare Case at San Juan which the runways are operated at. Only happens a handful of times a year which is lead to be called the famous ”Reverse Ops”.

^Note the largest aircraft operated at the airport is a 747-8F


Arrival and Departure Procedures


ACONY3 (This is the main SID out of the airport since the majority of the airlines destinations is in the mainland US this is known as the Main SID at San Juan)

GLADA3 (Mostly used for airlines heading to upper United States)

HAMMR2 (Used for airlines going to other Caribbean destinations such as St Martin)

GANBO1 (Used for airlines heading to South America/Central America/ or Other Caribbean destinations)


BEANO3 (Like the ACONY3, this STAR is the main STAR at the airport for all airlines arriving from the United States)

CHAKA4 (STAR is the main arrival for airlines coming from the Eastern Caribbean such as St Martin)

JOSHE3 (This is the main arrival for all the South/Southwest Arrivals from the Central America/South America)

SAALR2 (This arrival is for the airlines coming from the more Northern States/Canada or even Europe)

( Note due to this being in IF, ATC may use both runways for takeoff and landings depending on the amount of traffic… )

You can find all of the charts and procedures on the link attached…

We have reached the end! Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. I know not all Infinite Flight pilots are on the forum and some may not even follow the instructions but I made something that we can all enjoy and have fun doing realistically. San Juan is my home and love when it gets featured on the schedule let alone an FNF. I hope you all have an amazing time tomorrow and make sure to enjoy your flight whether it’s 30 minutes or 8 hours long.

And how we Puerto Rican’s like to say…
Bienvenidos a nuestra Isla” 🇵🇷


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