A Guide to Miami International Airport (KMIA)

The Ins and Outs of Miami Int’l Airport

This guide was inspired by @Thunderbolt

Miami International is the United States' gateway to Central and South America and vise versa. In 2019, the airport transported 45,924,466 passengers, and 2,092,472 tonnes of cargo. On Infinite Flight, the airport receives a medium volume of traffic. In this post, I will explain the ground layout and basics, as well as the departure and arrival procedures.


On the Ground

Gates and Parking
Source: Miami International Airport and Personal Experience

North Terminal

Concourse D
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
American Airlines (Very rarely use Concourse E satellite) Any
American Eagle(Use D60 gates) Any
British Airways (Sometimes use Concourse E satellite) 747-400, 787-9
Qatar Airways (Sometimes use Concourse E satellite) A350

Central Terminal

Concourse E
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
Aer Lingus A350 (Sub for A330)
Air Europa 787-9
Eastern 767-300, 777-200ER (Generic)
Iberia A350 (Sub for A330)
Interjet A320 (Generic)
Royal Air Maroc 787-8
Concourse F
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
Cayman Airlines 737-800 (Generic)
Corsair A330 (Generic)
Eurowings A330 (Generic)
Finnair A350 (Sub for A330)
LOT Polish Airlines 787-8
Sunwing 737-800 (Generic)
Surinam Airways 737-700 (Generic)
Swift Air 737-800 (Generic)
TUIfly 787-8
Volaris A319
WestJet 737-700, 737-800
Concourse G
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
Bahamasair 737-700 (Generic)
Sun Country 737-800 (Generic)
United Airlines A320, 737-800

South Terminal

Concourse H
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
Aeromexico 737-700 (Sub 737-800)
Air France A380, 747-400, 777-300ER
Alitalia 777-200ER (Sub for A330)
BOA 767-300ER (Generic)
Delta Airlines A319, A321
Frontier A320, A321
GOL 737-800
KLM 777-200ER (Sub A330)
SAS A330
Southwest 737-700, 737-800
Virgin Atlantic 787-9
Concourse J
Airline Aircraft Used for MIA
Aeroflot A330
Aerolineas Argentinas A330 (Generic)
Air Canada A319, A321
Avianca A318, A320, A330 (Generic)
Caribbean Airlines 737-800
COPA Airlines 737-800
El Al 787-10
LATAM 767, 787
Lufthansa A380, A350, A340, A330
Swiss 777-300ER, A330
TAP A330 (Generic)
Turkish 777-300ER (Sub for 787)
VivaAir A320 (Generic)

Cargo Ops

North Ramps

Atlas Air

West Ramps

All other cargo airlines



The shortest and least used runway at KMIA, the northernmost strip is used only for the departure and arrival of small and medium cargo operators that use the north ramps.


The most used runway at the airport, it is used for almost all departures during west ops (8R). During east ops (26L), only the airlines from concourse D tend to use it for departure. For arrivals, the process is flipped, therefore, concourse D airlines use the runway during west ops (8R), and other airlines located in concourses E and F, use it during east ops (26L).


Nicknamed “the diagonal runway” for its location in relation to the airport, for departures it is used for all flights leaving for South America during west ops (12). The runway is rarely used for departures during east ops (30). For arrivals, west ops (12), sees airlines occupying concourses G, H, and J using the runway due to proximity to their gates. During east ops (30), airlines in concourses E and F use the runway for landing, also due to the short taxi time to the gate.


The southern runway at KMIA is usually used for departure. During west ops (9), takeoffs are mostly limited to cargo airlines using the west ramps. International heavies from Europe and the Americas tend to land here as the runway is also fairly close to their concourses of H and J. During east ops (27), most airlines from concourses F, G, H, and J tend to use this runway for departure as 26L is too far, and 30 does not allow for parallel takeoffs. Meanwhile, west ramp cargo airlines are the only ones who usually land here.

In the Air

Standard Instrument Departure (SID)



Perfect for departures to the Midwest, the SID is usually used on flights to Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis, as well as the cities served by American Eagle. Occasionally, flights to the Northeast use this SID to avoid bad weather over the Atlantic.


The Northeastern SID is always used by heavies departing for European flights. Unless affected by poor weather, flights to the Northeast also use this procedure.


The eastern SID is used on flights departing to the Caribbean, Brasil, and Argentina.


The southern SID is used for all flights to the Western Caribbean, Central America, as well as the South American pacific coast.

All flights heading to the West Coast and the Rockies use this SID.

Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR)



The northeastern STAR is usually used by flights inbound from Europe, as well as the Northeast. Please note that the last waypoint in the procedure is usually removed as aircraft turn for approach much earlier.


All flights arriving from South America tend to use this STAR. Please note that a specific STAR for Caribbean flights was not listed here, however, is available on Infinite Flight. It is also recommended to delete the last waypoint as it may interfere with the approach.


All flights headed from the Midwest and Western regions of the US use this STAR. It is recommended to delete the last waypoint as it may interfere with the approach.

I hope that this helps the next time you are at KMIA. The next guide I am working on is KFLL, stay tuned. I would like to thank everyone for reading my guide. Enjoy the rest of your day/night!


I really like this guide, especially about my home airport😍


I like this guide

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Thanks for the thread. I’ll be using Atlas Air for the first time soon with FedEx VA. Terminal D it is then 👌

don’t forget to add the approach into Miami is phenomenal no matter which runway your landing on plus Miami is speedy departures no time wasting which makes it efficient

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Update: KMIA has a BRAND NEW set of SIDs and STARs that were uploaded onto SkyVector a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they are not placed on IF at this point.

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thanks for letting me know, once the next navigation update comes out, I will edit the guide.

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UPDATE: New SIDs, STARs, and IAPs have been added into Infinite Flight with 21.6


Thanks for the research ! IF traffic might bump up more when it joins the list of 3D facilities.
I stopped using it and all others not rendered now in 3D
I’m sure that does not reflect the behavior of many others though.

It is an Important airport for a large geographical region and key in both domestic and International traffic, not to mention its significance in freight movement.

be safe

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Thank you for letting me know that the procedures have been updated. I am currently a bit flooded with work, however, I still hope to update the guide when I have some time.

Than you. Very usefull guide for the now busy and hot 3D KMIA.

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