A Guide to KORD: Chicago O'Hare International!

Hello all! As some of you might know I am a proud member of the KORD realism police. This topic is meant to be informational as a pilot to help you navigate one of the busiest airports in the world with ease!

Basic Airfield Information


Runway Number Length (Feet, Meters) Material
4L/22R 7,500 2,286 Asphalt
4R/22L 8,075 2,461 Asphalt
9L/27R 7,500 2,286 Concrete
9R/27L 7,967 2,428 Asphalt/Concrete
10R/28L 7,500 2,286 Concrete
10C/28C 10,801 3,292 Concrete
10L/28R 13,000 3,962 Asphalt/Concrete

Want to learn more about which runways to use? Check out this topic!

KORD Airport Diagram

File:FAA O'Hare Diagram.svg

Terminal Information

KORD Utilizes 4 Terminals along with 2 Main Cargo Aprons. These 4 Terminals offer hubs to American and United Airlines, as well as an assortment of other airlines from the appropriate alliances, Spirit, Alaska, and Delta among other common American Carriers. Terminal 5 is reserved for the majority of International Flights and most International Arrivals.

Terminal 1 "B and C Gates and Concourses" 

Terminal one is the sole Headquarters of United Airlines. Ther Terminal offers 55 gates. Concourse B offers gates B1-B12, B14, B16, B16A, B17, B17A, B18-24 gates, while Concourse C offers C1 to C10, C10A, C11, C15, C16, C16A, C17, C18, C18A, and from C19 to C31. This Concourse houses United Airlines International Departures and Domestic Departures and Arrivals. The Terminal also houses ANA Departures, Lufthansa Departures, and select United Express Flights. Usually those in the Embraer Aircraft.

Airlines: United (INTL Depts) United (Domestic Arrivals + Departures), ANA (Departures), Lufthansa (Departures), and Select United Express Flights

Terminal 2 " E and F Gates and Concourses" 

Terminal 2 is composed of 2 main lounges, the Delta Sky Club Lounge and the United Club. The Terminal Offers 41 gates across 2 concourses. Concourse E Offers E1 to E17 and is home to Delta Airline’s Operations at KORD. You may also see JetBlue use these gates. Concourse F is the ORD home of United Express and Air Canada. It houses gates F1 to F12, from F14 to F17, from F19 to F23, F24 and F25, and gates from F26 to F28.

Airlines: Air Canada (Arrivals and Departures), Delta and Delta Shuttle Airlines, JetBlue

Terminal 3 "G, H, K, and L Gates and Concourses"

Terminal 3 serves as a hub for American Airlines and a Focus City for Spirit Airlines. It offers 89 gates that serves International and Domestic Destinations alike. Concourse G offers gates G1A, G1B, G2A, G2B, G3-G5, G6A, G6B, G7-G14, G14A, G15-G21. The G gates you will find American (Domestic and International Departures and Domestic Arrivals), Japan Airlines (INTL Departures only), Iberia Airlines (INTL Departures Only), and Alaskan Airlines domestic departures and arrivals. The H concourse serves gates H1-H18. This is the primary base for American and American Eagle Flights. The K concourse is made up of gates K1-K5, K6A, K6B, K7-K17 and primarily serves American Eagle Flights, you will also find some American Domestic Destinations. The L concourse primarily serves Spirit Airlines and some small charter and commercial services and their wonderful holiday destinations. The gates are L1, L2A, L2B, L3-L5, L6A, L6B, L7-L9, L10A, L10B, L10C, L11, L11a, L11b.

Airlines: Air Choice One, American Airlines (Domestic and International Departures, Domestic Arrivals) American Eagle, Boutique Air, Cape Air, Iberian Airlines (INTL Departures only), Japan Airlines (INTL Departures Only), Spirit Airlines (Domestic and International Departures, Domestic Arrivals Only)

Terminal 5 "The M Concourse and Gates"

Terminal 5 is the international powerhouse of KORD. The only area in the airport with public International Customs, nearly all International Arrivals (with the exception of flights from pre-clearance countries), arrive and deplane at Terminal 5. The Terminal also serves many airlines in its 21 gates offered. M1-M21.

Airlines Serving Arrivals ONLY into terminal 5: American Airlines, ANA, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Spirit, United

Airlines Serving Departures and Arrivals from Terminal 5: Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Air France, Air India, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, Austrian, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Copa Airlines, EVA Air, Emirates, Ethiopian, Etihad, Finnair, Frontier, Hainan, Icelandair, Interjet, KLM, Korean, LOT Polish, Norweigan, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, SWISS, SAS, Sun Country, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish VivaAerobus, Volaris



  • KORD Does not use and SID or Standard Instrument Departures. This means that they use the VOR’s surrounding the Chicago area to vector pilots out of the airspace based on 5 main points, one North, 2 South, West, and East.


  • KORD Uses the Following stars based on direction:


  • ERNNY6 (9’s, 10’s, 27’s, 28’s)
  • MADII 5 (4R, 27’s 28’'s)
  • WYNDE1 (9’s, 10’s, 27’s, 28’s)
  • FYTTE5 (9’s, 10’s)


  • ESSPO4 (9’s, 10’s, 22R)
  • VEECK4 (9’s, 10’s, 22R)
  • WATSN 3 (ALL)
  • BDF7 (ALL)
  • BENKY 5 (9’s, 10’s, 22R, 4R)
  • SHAIN1 - (9’s 10’s)
  • TRTLL5 (9’s 10’s, 4R)


  • OXI81 (ALL)


  • JVL9 (ALL)

I hope you all learned a little bit about KORD! This airport is extremely fun to fly into and offers a HUGE range of route options! In the future, I will edit this to go in-depth about the Cargo Services at KORD! I hope to see you all in the sky or on the ground soon. Till the next time, Blue Skies and Tailwinds! (Credit to @Gliding_Central for the blue banners!)

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