A Guide to Kansas City International Airport

A Guide to Kansas City international Airport.


In this tutorial I’ll cover all you need to know when arriving/departing from this airport. This airport has 3 terminals 1 terminal closed cargo gates and 6 runways this is a low traffic airport in IF.

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Terminal A:


Terminal B:

The airlines listed are using this terminal:

Delta Airlines
Allegiant Air
Spirit Airlines

Terminal C:

The airlines listed are using this terminal:

American Airlines
Alaska Airlines
United airlines
Frontier Airlines

Cargo Gates

The airlines listed are using cargo gates:


Runway Information
Runway Name Runway Length Surface
Runway 19L/1R 2,896 / 9,500 Concrete
Runway 19R/1L 3,292 / 10,801 Asphalt
Runway 27/9 2,896 / 9,501 Asphalt

Runway 19R/1L:

This runway is the longest at the airport and is used depending on wind.

Runway 19L/1R:

This runway is the shortest and is used depending on wind.

Runway 27/9:

This runway is the second longest and is rarely used.

Size Restrictions

At KMCI the largest aircraft is a 777 not bigger then the 777-300ER and not smaller then a C208 the aircraft listed fly out of Kansas City regularly:


Airport Elevation 1024ft

Transition Attitude 4000

SIDS the airport uses:

  • ROYAL9

  • LAKES3

  • RACER7

  • TIFTO6

  • WLDCT5

  • CHIEF7

STARS the airport uses:

  • BQS6

  • TYGER6

  • JHAWK6

All approaches and departures require radar or expect radar vectors.

Kansas City VOR:

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Airport Diagram:

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Taxing to runway 19L:

Aircraft taxing to runway 19L usually take Kilo and make a left turn on the first taxiway then turn right on Echo then continue straight to Echo 1.

I’ll study more about the aircraft taxing to runways and put it in.

That’s all you need to know about Kansas City international airport I hope this helps you!


Don’t mean to crack down on your topic, but doesn’t this seem a bit lacking and unnecessary?

If proper procedures and specific information isn’t included (which it isn’t) this is no better than finding info from FlightAware…

When I need an airport guide I tend to look for something that will educate me on how to operate at an airport properly. Take for example @dca.iad.aviation’s “How to DCA”, it includes used SIDs/STARs, how to taxi, charts, etc., all the stuff I don’t know about but the stuff I’m looking for.

If you would go back and find more detail to add to this it would be great and a benefit to not only myself but whoever finds this topic.

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I will work on it now.

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I hope it’s good now guys!