A Guide To Creating Group Flights

A Guide To Creating Group Flights

Group Flights are fun but are hard to make popular and exciting they turn a regular flight into a fun one!

Step 1 Choose a Starting Airport And a End Airport.

To start off your group flight you need to find the route you are taking make it something beautiful or maybe challenging.

Step 2 Chose a Aircraft.

This is a important step choose a aircraft that suits the route you can make it realistic or completely unrealistic it’s up to you.

Step 3 Set Up Your Thread.
Now that you have chosen your route and aircraft it’s time to make your idea come to life! First make sure to fill in the correct title and follow all rules. Then add a photo (remember to give credit) and add the Aircraft, Time, Airport and the route also include the flight time.

Step 4 Stay Online
Be online a lot leading up to the event as you only have 3 hours it is crucial to be online so you can answer questions.

Step 5 Before The Flight
Before the flight send a reminder to everyone who said that they were coming and make a chat where you can communicate.

Step 6 During The Flight

You are in charge and you get to go first you lead the way so that others can follow make sure to communicate speed and altitude so everyone is on the same page.

Step 6 After The Flight

After the flight is over say thanks to everyone who joined and be happy ask a mod to close your thread.

I hope I helped you create your group flight thanks for reading!

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