A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

Oh yeah 😂 it’s been awhile I’ll remove it.


Gonna put this back to people’s minds, if you want to have a tracking thread but don’t know how, ask here! Don’t try and guess to how they are made, come and ask questions!

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I’m just slightly confused on the getting a mod to reopen your thread. Could someone explain to me a little more?

You wouldn’t ask a mod to reopen your thread, you would ask a mod to close your thread if you have hit the edit limit on your thread. This means that you can’t edit your thread anymore and therefore can’t tell people your open. Just flag your topic as something else, explain and once your old one is closed make a new one.

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when I make a tracking thread?

Whenever you feel you want to have members of the community test your skills on controlling, ideally you have to be looking to joining IFATC. :)

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I only have 200 operations, so could I create a tracking thread to get my operations up

I believe so, yes.

I’ll have a look at making it now then

I have a question.

Are ATC Tracking Threads only for if your in the IFATC Recruiting Process?

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Nope, you can have a thread at anytime, it’s just recommend to people who have any intent of joining IFATC in the Future.


Ok got it! Thank you!

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@MJP_27 in the About ATC Category pinned topic, Misha said,

We allow for tracking threads for your ATC training to be published. Please refrain from doing these unless you are in the process of joining the official IFATC team to control the expert server.

I’m not exactly sure what the current standing is but I thought they were only supposed to be made if you are training for IFATC.

That being said, I don’t think you have to be in the recruitment process to make them but they’re mainly for ATC training.

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Yes. That has been said, but Moderators do not mind if just want to practice some ATC skills. As long as it’s using the proper format, it’s ok. It is recommended for all controllers who want to join IFATC in the future. Thanks!

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I will use those thanks


Thank you so much for this so needed tutorial! I will use these tips to create my own tracking thread soon :)


dont you think 400 atc operations is too much ?

There is no such thing as too much operations. However, to apply for IFATC, you need to have at least 500 ATC operations. You may refer to the post below if you are interested in joining IFATC.

Best of luck :)