A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

So for an ATC tracking thread can you only atc at one airport or can you change the airport in the title if your going atc at a different place.

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You can ATC at multiple just change the airport in your title.

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Ok thanks.

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Can you still create your own ATC tracking thread even if you’re not planning on applying for IFATC?

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Yes. The main concern is that people will just open a tracking thread one day because they tried out controlling and thought it was fun. Then they got bored and never used it again.

If you’re going to use the tracking thread to continuously open and close in order to practice your ATC skills, that’s perfectly fine. If you’re only going to open once, though, just don’t bother. It’s not worth it. :)


This might be one of the most needed topics around!


More Vocab has now been added any regulars or staff members can edit if they want to add something.

I just added a new point about what to do when you can’t edit your thread anymore.
If you have any suggestions just PM me thanks everyone!

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Bumping this topic, as I see still tracking threads that could be done better.

With regards to the title, perhaps the [Vocab…] stuff could be removed?


Oh yeah 😂 it’s been awhile I’ll remove it.


Gonna put this back to people’s minds, if you want to have a tracking thread but don’t know how, ask here! Don’t try and guess to how they are made, come and ask questions!

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I’m just slightly confused on the getting a mod to reopen your thread. Could someone explain to me a little more?

You wouldn’t ask a mod to reopen your thread, you would ask a mod to close your thread if you have hit the edit limit on your thread. This means that you can’t edit your thread anymore and therefore can’t tell people your open. Just flag your topic as something else, explain and once your old one is closed make a new one.

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when I make a tracking thread?

Whenever you feel you want to have members of the community test your skills on controlling, ideally you have to be looking to joining IFATC. :)

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I only have 200 operations, so could I create a tracking thread to get my operations up

I believe so, yes.

I’ll have a look at making it now then