A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

Hello everyone today I will be going over how to make a ATC tracking thread because recently more people have been posting in the improper format.

1. Title

A proper title has many things your name, what it is and what airport you are open or closed at the Tracking thread below is a good example.

2. What airport?

Once you have your title sorted you have to decide what airport you are going to service for this session good airports are ones with 2 parallel runways like GCLP or KPSP. Something else NOT to do is open at a airport that constantly has traffic like KLAX or EGLL.

3. What frequency’s?

It is advisable to be opening the Tower and Ground frequency’s as that is what you will be tested on upon joining IFATC.

4.What should I be tested on?

If you know a particular thing you know you struggle on you should ask to be tested on that some good things to be tested on are Pattern Work, Runway Changes, Transitions, and departures and coming back into the pattern.

5. Don’t be afraid

If someone says you didn’t do something correctly or asks you to watch videos do not worry and just quit everyone starts somewhere and that is why it is called the Training server You are learning no one expects you to be perfect just keep going!

6. After The Session
Many people have been opening up a whole different thread every time they open this is Not what to do when you open again announce it on the same thread and change your title as stated in the first point.

7. What if I can’t edit my thread anymore?
So something that happens after 60 days is you can’t edit your thread anymore if you still want to keep controlling just ask a mod to close your thread and make a new one with steps 1-4!


ALTITUDE The vertical distance from a given level (sea level) to an aircraft in flight.

Base In airport traffic patterns, a pattern leg at right angles to the landing runway. Base leg connects the downwind leg to the extended runway centerline.

Call Sign
The identification that ATC and a pilot use for a particular flight or aircraft. Call signs are generally a combination of the aircraft type or manufacturer and the aircraft registration for civilian planes, a combination of the airline and flight number for airline flights, and a combination of branch of service and flight number for military flights. Call signs should always be included in any communication with ATC to avoid confusion about who’s talking.

In airport traffic patterns, a pattern leg at right angles to the landing runway off the departure end.

The direction the wind is blowing. In airport traffic patterns, downwind refers to the pattern leg flown parallel to the runway in the direction the wind is blowing (opposite to the direction of landing).

In airport traffic patterns, the pattern leg directly along the extended runway centerline.

Full-stop landing
A landing that includes a complete stop on the runway, or when the aircraft leaves the runway on the ground before taxiing back for another takeoff.

Ground Control
Ground control directs aircraft traffic between parking and the runway.

Hold short
When a ground or tower controller wants an aircraft to stop at a certain location while taxiing, the controller will tell the pilot to “hold short.” This is usually in reference to a runway. The entire instruction is, “Hold short of runway X,” where X is the runway number.

Missed Approach missed approach
Declaration by a pilot on an instrument approach that he has reached the point designated as a missed approach point without seeing the runway or airport lighting. Declaring a missed approach also signals the pilot’s intent to execute the published missed approach procedure.

Progressive taxi
Progressive directions from a ground controller to a pilot to assist the pilot in navigating between parking and the runway.

The act of being pushed back from an airport terminal gate. This is usually done by hooking a small tug to the nose wheel of a large aircraft and pushing it backwards into the taxi lane.

Touch and go
A landing during which the pilot doesn’t let the aircraft come to a complete stop before applying power and taking off again. This is often done to practice takeoffs and landings. Also known as closed traffic.

To cross through controlled airspace. In Infinite Flight, you can request clearance from ATC to transition through controlled airspace. The ATC menu includes requests for transitions when you are heading toward airspace for which a transition is appropriate.

Thanks you for reading if you have any questions please PM me as my inbox is always open!

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This is an amazing example! Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks, @Sashaz55! Will definitely use this thread in the future!


Thank you guys for the support!

I think one of the best points up there is #5.

The reason I put the feedback in the thread and not DM is not to openly criticize anyone for their controlling. I put it there to teach you as well as others. I know that nobody likes being publicly told they did something wrong, but don’t be afraid of that. I learned as much from reading other threads as I did from the feedback I received in my own thread. These threads are filled with great information and I could find almost all of my answers in the various threads.


Awesome topic! This will surely help the newcomers!

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This post was needed. Thanks for taking the time to create one 🌷

I’ve seen a lot of tracking threads and have flown for a lot of people that are now IFATCs. From my experience, a few pointers in addition to this great post.

Write the top post of your thread in a friendly and inviting way.
For example:
Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am practicing my ATC skills and want to invite you to visit my airport when I’m open. Your feedback would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for visiting.
Best regards

There’s no point in specifying the airport you’re opening in your top thread, because you don’t always open the same airport.

Next time you open
Every time you open, reply to your own thread, make sure you specify where you will open, for how long you will open, and invite pilots to come along.
Don’t close earlier than you said you would.

Be friendly and thankful
Pilot do take the time to spawn and fly for you. I think it’s good practice to thank every pilot who takes the time to provide good and critical feedback.

Don’t apologize for your mistakes
I often see trainee ATCs apologizing for any errors they have made. Don’t. You’re learning; you’re supposed to make mistakes.


Quite interesting, this topic, it will help many people.
Good work

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Attention all TL3s and above this is now a wiki so add what you think is appropriate and don’t edit anything else thank you!


Sasha this Tutorial is great!

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Thank you Dylan!

And now vocabulary has been added these are not all the words you need to know just some this is the minimum so if you need help with some words given in your feedback you can come here!

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So for an ATC tracking thread can you only atc at one airport or can you change the airport in the title if your going atc at a different place.

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You can ATC at multiple just change the airport in your title.

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Ok thanks.

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Can you still create your own ATC tracking thread even if you’re not planning on applying for IFATC?

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Yes. The main concern is that people will just open a tracking thread one day because they tried out controlling and thought it was fun. Then they got bored and never used it again.

If you’re going to use the tracking thread to continuously open and close in order to practice your ATC skills, that’s perfectly fine. If you’re only going to open once, though, just don’t bother. It’s not worth it. :)


This might be one of the most needed topics around!


More Vocab has now been added any regulars or staff members can edit if they want to add something.

I just added a new point about what to do when you can’t edit your thread anymore.
If you have any suggestions just PM me thanks everyone!

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Bumping this topic, as I see still tracking threads that could be done better.

With regards to the title, perhaps the [Vocab…] stuff could be removed?