A Guide to Creating an ATC Session Thread

Hi all, welcome to this small guide on how to create ATC session threads. Basically I will be helping out and creating a guide for those people who want to create threads to advertise that there ATC operation is active inside the simulator.

A Guide to Creating an ATC Session Thread

  • Category
    Firstly you must go to the ATC/Live category. In this category all things ATC/live are discussed, this is the place where you will be creating you session threads.

  • Select your Airport
    Before you get into your thread, you better chose an airport. Preferably chose an easier one if you accepting pattern work, unless your skill level is high. I also recommened not chosing regions like Southern California, if your a PG controller. Since you may attract the wrong sort of flyer. Preferably pick a quite region or semi-busy.

  • Title
    So once you have started a thread in this category, its important to give it a proper title, that allows visiters to know the location, if your active, server & sometimes what ATC. A good way of making these titles is using the template below:
    [Open] (ATC, Approach, etc-) @ (Airport IATA Code) - (Live Server)

  • Information
    This part is really up to you, basically though its good to explain in more detail what your title says and a little bit about your session.
    Things like: If your accepting pattern work? What the aiports name is? Mention the server again. How long you will be open for. Tell the public if you want feedback or not. Even make a poll that asks people if they enjoyed your operation. etc-

  • Keep Tabs
    Keep tabs on your post during the session, if you can. See what people say, who is coming and feedback about your skills. Its good to know who your dealing with.

  • Time
    For a good ATC session you need to spend at least 40 minutes to 1 hour on ATC. If you have a very quite session and no one turns up, I recommaned still waiting 30 minutes to see who comes. Make sure to find the time first though. If you game crashes than its best to notify everyone via the community, and if you must, continue with the session.

  • Closing the thread
    At the end of your session its time to close up the thread, its a huge hastle for us regulars and moderators to go round and edit your titles. The only thing that must be edited on you tilte, is you [Open] sign, just change it to closed. If you have a poll going, than close it down.

Hope this guide helps! :) Happy Landings


This is something that can help the newcomers. You should make ones for the other categories.

It depends on “what” inside that category.

Well like for RWA Spotting or something.

I guess, I’d have to think about it :)

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Alright then continue thinking.

This should be pinned

@Swang007 is this something which must be enforced when creating these types of posts?

We’re probably not going to be super strict about this. It’s just a general guide!

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Cool. That’s what I thought.

Is this really necessary? I mean seeing how others do it was enough for me.

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