A Guide to Creating a Feature Request

Hello all!

I am always noticing incorrect Feature request, so I thought I could show you how. :)

  • Search Before Posting

Search for the Feature you want before you post it. If it’s a duplicate, it will be flagged.

  • Choose an Aircraft/Region/Other

Just choose an aircraft you would like to see in the game. I doesn’t have to be a whole new aircraft, it could just be a new livery on an aircraft already in the game. Always be specific in the title. I’m using the Boeing 767-400ER as an example.

  • Tile update - Boeing 767-400ER

When requesting a Region, you could just show a bit on a map where you would like to fly, or just say where you would want it to be. I’ll use the Balearic Islands as an example.

  • Title update - Balearic Islands Region (This is how it’ll stay now)

When it comes to requesting a Feature (Like Clouds), make sure you have enough to say on the subject (Why you want it etc). That is all you have to do for a Feature. I’ll use Clouds as an example.

  • Title update - Clouds (The title will stay this way)

  • Choose a Livery/Airports

Select an aircraft livery, it make be something close to you heart or just a lovely livery.

  • Title update - Delta Boeing 767-400ER (This is the complete title)

Choose the airports you would like to see in your Region of choice.

Mahon (MAH) (LEMH)
Palma De Mallorca (PMI) (LEPA)
Ibiza (IBZ) (LEIB)

  • Add a Picture

Due to new rules, we can now post ONE picture in a Feature request. I doesn’t just go for the main post, it goes for the whole topic. Post a more than one, expect it to be flagged.

  • Share Something About Your Request

Share some info about your request. Why did you want it? Why do you think it’ll be a good addition to the game?

Before you post, check if you have selected the #features category.

Thanks for reading!


Move your info just under the listed title. The text underneath will than line up :)

Another idea is to make the list titles highlighted

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