A Guide to Create a New Virtual Airline

Perhaps take a look at the partnerships and Alliances section then ;)

I think that would be a good idea. Currently I (USCG) and IFES are partnered. It would be fun to do joint events and have some competitions, however, there aren’t many military type VA’s because everyone wants to fly the airliners, so we aren’t as popular when people select what VA they want to be in.

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I’ve looked at all sections of the VA lol I own a VA the 96th Air Base Wing which is used as a military flight school, but what I am talking about is breaking off from the Virtual Airlines as the military Air Power is not an Airline i can’t just let anyone on board on E-3 Sentry like some on a Delta 737 lol.

True but every org has to start somewhere. Airlines do dominate this domain but with more interest in military aviation and curiosity into others wanting to join a VAF, I believe it could be competitive with VA’s. We as military Air powers would just have to put the effort in.

This is a very nice, well thought out guide of starting a VA. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Kudos!

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@Asneed8706 I created an airforce VA but due to issues with the website, me being unable to create a new website and time constraints I rather left it. PM me if you wish to use any of the structure of it

Recently updated to fit new guidelines.


What steps do a Virtual Organisation have to take, sorry if I missed it but all I saw new information regarding VA’s both casual and realistic. Sorry if this isn’t the place, all the other topics were closed.

Hello! Do you mean a partnership or a fly group type of thing?

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Should i get trust level 2 before applying?

You must be TL2 to create a VA. To join a VA, check their individual requirements.


Thanks you very much!

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This is pretty good. I had a sort of VA called Full Circle IF. But nothing came of it & it faded out of existence. I will bring it back after global.

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how do i get to trust level 2

Contribute to the forum by posting meaningful posts to other threads that might be active, or create a topic of your own that you think others would be intrigued in. Just be active on the forum and you’ll progress through to the next trust level in a few days.

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thanks im trying to post our va and we’ve. planned it for several months

Hi how to be grade 2 in if community ?

Hey there @Frenchi ,

I’ve sent you the pertinent information before on how to rank up in the community. If you need more assistance and clarification please let us know.

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How should I go about hiring executive staff members? I don’t have any “forum buddies”…

(I’m so lonely)

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If you don’t “forum buddies” then I’d suggest joining a VA and become a pilot and maybe some staff positions will open up there allowing you to become staff or you may make some”buddies” and make a new VA in a couple of months time.