A guide to appealing ghosts

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Very helpful write up. I am in a situation right now where I exceeded 5 ghosting to 6 this year 😢, we are not talking about a week anymore for me to regain access to the expert server, how long will it take me now to regain access to ES? @naro any idea, please?

I’ve never known the limit is 5 honestly until recently as it happened to me and it’s not that I’m not being a serious or something, things happened.

We talked some in your last thread related to this. You’ll need no more than 5 ghosts to regain access to ES, so I believe that’s 90 days since your now first recorded ghost. We don’t have that information. If you have a log of it, add 90 days and that’s when you’ll be back on ES. Maybe a mod can help you on the exact date?

For future reference, always talk to the IFATC controller after being ghosted. Some of your recent ghostings may have been reversible per your thread some days back. Happy flying, and hopefully ghost-free flying when you’re back on ES!

When was the date of your first ghost? Add a year to that date and that’s when you’ll be allowed back on Expert.

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I totally get this😂

When you are contacting a controller about a report, do not say simply “Why did you report me?” and leave it at that.

Who is me?

In the sim, we report users who have a display name and callsign. If you provide neither of those, how exactly are we supposed to guess which of the 100 planes in the airspace you were?

This shouldn’t come as a shock, but in order to tell you why you were reported, we first have to know who you are.

Provide both display name and callsign when enquiring about anything, unless you want to waste the first message on simply receiving a response “Who were you?”


Hello! I was inbound for JFK and was with the controller of @Guxk. He said make right downwind for 4R. I think I was supposed to go to the last “Circle” around the airport and then come in. This is my mistake, and I do apologize. I don’t know if this report can get lifted, but if it can that would be great. 😊

Hey LongHaulGuy, take a look here for some assistance!

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This thread is a guide to appealing ghosts.

It is not a running compendium of ghost complaints. In fact, the express purpose of the thread is to say “do not publically post your appeal, send the controller a PM.”


Hi there, I’m trying to appeal a ghost, but I don’t find the user from the username that the controller was using on expert server which is (IFAE IFATC-CptHoss).

Can someone help me?

You can PM @Chris_Hoss. :)

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Thank you, much appreciated for your help

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MaxSez: Booted to the top again. When will they ever learn, see the; 1) Tutorials before you Jot.
2). If you must gripe a Ghost/violation on the public forum cite “Server”
3) Ghosts & Violations are two different animals. Expert only Ghosts
3). All Controller “Must use an identifiable Forum address” nom de plume’s are ”Verboten”.
)4. Today’s Lesson for the guy who got the Departure Seperation Ghost in the Trash Hauler:
“ ATC is always responsible for IFR - IFR separation , regardless of weather conditions. That is their primary mandate, and all other services are provided on a workload-permitting basis.” (FAR/IF ATC Guide))
ALL Please BOOK MARK…Just Sayin, Max


Someone pin this please

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Hi there, I’m trying to appeal a ghost, I was departing out of Atlanta on 04/19/2019, and the controller was @mwe2187, he said I wasn’t following the ATIS. Can you explain more about that. Since I’m got 5 ghosts now and can’t return to Expert in 6 months. I don’t know if this can be lifted, but if I can be lifted, that would be great and I would definitely be more careful next time. Thank you!

Im pretty sure it’s too late to appeal that.

Thank you for posting this! I hate seeing people post about them getting ghosted. When they are asked why they were ghosted, they just shrug it off and say for no reason.

Adding on to what @Cheryl_Tunt said, some controllers delete their replay files and are unable to provide an explanation since controllers can’t remember the exact reason for every ghost they’ve every made. For the future if you get ghosted, contact the controller via PM a short time after the ghost has occurred. :)