A guide to appealing ghosts

I’ve made a few amendments to the original post.

First off, advanced ATC controllers are required to explain, in detail, why you were ghosted. Additionally, I’ve changed the wording in a couple of places to emphasize the importance of not reversing the ghost, but learning from the appeals process. Let me know if there’s anywhere else improvements can be made!

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Okay so I was reported by a controller at RKSI at roughly 0700zulu-0800zulu. I was in an f22. I was cleared for takeoff and taxi and was doing a short hop from RKSI to RKSS. I did read the ATIS a few times before contacting tower, but I forgot to extend my upwind after takeoff. After taking off about 500 ft from the runway, I started NAV and it unexpectedly banked right, which I thought was normal. The controller told me to extend upwind and I did. Without warning, I was reported by the controller and ghosted a few seconds afterwards. I did not complete my flight as I was too angry and upset about what had happened. If anyone knows who the controller is, please reply me via here. Much appreciated. I want to clear things up asap.

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Please contact the controller who ghosted you. This should be in your logbook.
If you dont know where that is, click infinite flight, and on the main menu there is settings, then logbook.

I really love this post. Very clear. Can anybody help me: where can I find the journal?

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I think you’re referring to the logbook:

Thanks, found it! I’ll dive into my history, see where I had violations and learn from it. Thanks a lot!

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Hi guys

I started using Infinite Flight a couple of days ago and managed to upgrade to grade 2. I am still learning to control some features of the atc and the planes, but I am following the instructions and I almost crashed because ATC didn’t continue my flight following. They sent me to the mountains. Yesterday I had to change airport mid flight. And wasn’t able to reduce speed. I got below 10000 feet at 265 speed. I got the first violation alert and did everything possible to reduce. It took me 2 minutes, but I got 5 violation warnings and got ghosted. My question is: did I commit 5 violations? Was my ghosting fair? How should I handle this? I felt a bit discouraged because I take the community seriously but I get the feeling sometimes we are left on our own by atc controlers when we are in the middle of a landing for example, and we are treated harshly when a situation of speeding comes and it is considered multi-violation.

What server were you on?

There are 20 seconds in between each Violation, plenty of time to throttle down and level out or throw out speed brakes. Your situation is similar to hundreds of others who’ve received the six violations, it would be out of the ordinary to make an exception.

That said, this thread is meant to be a guide on how to appeal, not meant to be used for individual appeals themselves.

Thanks for replying

I was on the training server. Swiss 1979.

I am not appealing. I am seeking guidance on how to appeal or if I should do it at all. I appreciate your honesty, though.

Did ATC instruct you to fly that speed?

There wasn’t atc only unicom, so I did everything on my own as a new learner. It took me a while to understand what to do. I used spoilers and increased vertical speed.

Ok, below 10,000ft you need to below 250knts IAS per IF and FAA regulations. Try to be at 260knts or close to that speed at 18,000ft AGL on descent so when you get closer to 10,000ft AGL the change in speed won’t be as drastic. Use the flight spoilers to slow down faster.

Thanks. Good tip.

Also, that is a system ghost. It will occur when you recieve too many violations in succession.


Hi @Ricardo_Matias, after 5 consecutive violations you are then system ghosted. This is what likely happened to you on the training server. Violations are not handed out by ATC nor do ATC on the training server have access to ghost anyone. I wanted to add that in with the information from above so you have a complete picture.

Thanks. I did not know that. How long will I be ghosted?

It will fall off after 7 days. Your grade table will tell you where you stand on the other items. The ghost will prevent you from accessing the expert server until that time.

Awesome! Very informative. Thank you!

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